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    Police Beat: August 21

    First flasher of the semester strikes

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to a call from near South Hall on Wednesday. A woman was walking to Saguaro Hall when a passing man opened his coat, exposing his unshaven genitalia from about a 30-foot distance. According to the victim, the man then laughed, closed his coat and continued on his way, heading south. The victim described the man as wearing a taupe coat that reached his knees, a white t-shirt, white, mid-calf socks and tennis shoes. She told the officer that the man had “dirty blonde” hair and no distinguishing features like facial hair or glasses. The woman also said that she thought he was most likely a college student attending the university, ranging between 18 and 25 years of age. There were no witnesses around at the time and the victim said that she would be unable to recognize the man if she were to see him again. She told the officer that she did not want to be part of any investigation, and that she only wanted the incident to be documented.

    Two open bottles of beer off the wall… confiscated

    UAPD officers arrested three underage males for possession of liquor on Thursday at Park Avenue and Fourth Street, on the north side of the Life Sciences South Building. All three were non UA-affiliated, and one was a student at Pima Community College. All three males admitted to being under the age of 21. The suspects were found sitting on the retaining wall along the sidewalk on Park Avenue, with two unopened spray-paint cans on the trashcan behind them. When asked, one of the suspects denied that the spray cans were theirs. The officers also found two open bottles of beer, each about a half to a quarter full and cold. When questioned, the suspect first told the officer that they had given someone $5 extra to purchase an 18-pack of beer for them at the Circle K on Alvernon Way. They said they had been drinking since 6 p.m. that night. Later, however, the suspects told the officer that they had taken the beer bottles from one of their parents’ houses, without parental knowledge or permission. The officer recorded this second explanation as accurate, and the first as a lie. Preliminary breath tests were done on all three suspects and each tested positive for alcohol. After being read their Miranda Rights, and after continually changing their story, one of the suspects finally admitted they’d been drinking. The three suspects were arrested for liquor-in-body violations, and two of the three were charged with possession of alcohol.

    Young starving artist’s plot thwarted

    A UAPD officer was sent to the UofA Bookstore on Thursday to arrest a 16-year-old male shoplifter detained by security. A store employee stopped the suspect outside the bookstore after being informed of an in-store shoplifting. A second employee claimed that he had seen a young man in the bookstore take two artist-type pens from the display area. After moving to another area of the store, the subject shoved both pens into the front pocket of his pants. The employee allowed the man to leave the store, and then another employee was sent outside to question him. The suspect was then detained in the store security office area until the officer arrived. After being read his Miranda Rights, the suspect admitted to taking the pens without having money in his possession. The total cost of the pens was $5.65, and they were eventually returned to the bookstore. The incident was caught on camera through the in-store security system and a copy of the DVD was kept as evidence. According to the officer at the scene, the suspect’s parents were with him during questioning.

    Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow

    A 19-year-old female UA student was the victim of a hit and run in the Cherry Avenue Parking Garage on Thursday. The unknown yellow vehicle left small scratches and yellow paint residue on the bumper of the victim’s black Honda Accord. The suspect left the scene without leaving any contact information. The victim immediately flagged down a UAPD officer in the parking lot on the east side of Likins Residence Hall. The victim told the officer that she was sure that her car had no scratches or yellow markings when she parked it earlier that day. Once she returned to her car she didn’t see any of the markings made by the suspect, but when she drove to the parking lot behind Likins, to enter Colonia de La Paz Residence Hall, she saw the evidence of a hit and run. She asked to be a part of the prosecution process and was given a Victim’s Rights form. Photographs were taken of the damages and submitted as evidence. There is no other suspect or witness information at this time.

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