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    “Campus ‘Cats: Fashionable student on happiness, road-tripping”

    Bradley Rhea, creative writing senior

    You have a strong sense of style. Who is your all-time favorite fashion designer?
    I like a lot of designers, but as far as classics go, I really like Yves Saint Laurent, just because of everything that he did and how he inspired fashions for future generations. The up-and-coming designers that I like are Marc Jacobs and I also really enjoy Philip Lim and the work he does.

    Who would you most like to meet?
    I don’t really follow celebrities, and I am not a history buff and I don’t know much about political leaders. But reflecting on the time that we are in now with everything being so progressive, I think it would be interesting to meet someone from the past. Maybe an artist or someone from a revolutionary time or during a time of enlightenment to see what their opinions and their passions were.

    What is your idea of happiness?
    It can be many things for me. Making other people happy and being the source of happiness for others is really fulfilling. Just an understanding between people and the connections that can sometimes happen makes me happy. Music also makes me happy. I listen to a lot of folk music. I listen to indie rock and electronic music. I’m a big classic rock fan, like Led Zeppelin and CCR. I was just listening to Joanna Newsom before I came to school today. She is crazy.

    Where in the world inspires you the most?
    I’ve been on a couple road trips that have inspired me. The most inspiring place is any place that brings me out of my element or challenges me, because it forces you to think in ways that you wouldn’t think before and you’re not really prepared for. That can be inspiring. You’re learning and experiencing new things from that place. Seeing new scenery and getting lost on road trips can lead to adventure and inspiration.

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