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    “On the Spot: Jessica Haag, psychology senior”

    I see you everywhere, love your style and I feel like you are one of those people that only you can pull off the things you wear. Tell me a little about your inspiration and how you got to where you are.

    I really, really love retro clothing. I’m really into the 60s and I love pin-up style too and everyone on campus is always like “”You look like Katy Perry.””

    I was just going to say that!

    So I kind of embraced it and she’s one of the inspirations for why I dress the way I do.

    Literally, I hope you are going to be her for Halloween or something.

    I am! I got the cupcake bra and my roommate, he’s this gay guy and he bedazzled these Daisy Duke shorts, they are so glittery. There is like four ounces of glitter on them.

    Girl, OK, where are you going to be on Halloween? I need to see this.

    We’re going to go down to Fourth (Avenue). Also, I am friends with like all the gay men on campus and they are having this like huge, giant party so that is where I will be.

    So if you dress like this for school, what do you do on the weekends? I am sure it’s just an all-out show when you go out.

    This past weekend we had victory rolls goin’ on, they were so cute. I am really into high-waisted stuff and dresses when we go out, and heels, of course. For my favorite thing to do I am usually out with my friends. I do modeling so my weekends are usually pretty booked. I probably sound so cocky but I’m usually with my friends, it’s the best.

    Do you get a ton of compliments everyday or, like, weird looks?

    I feel like I dress for women. I don’t know if that sounds weird because I feel like men are kind of like, “”Oh hey, there’s that one girl who thinks she is vintage,”” but girls are the ones who notice and that’s usually what I appreciate.

    Yeah and guys are probably confused, thinking like, “”What is going on?””

    Yeah and like, “”You look fine if you have T-shirt and jeans on. Why are you wearing heels everyday?””

    Do you ever come to school just in sweatpants or is that just out of the question?

    Nope, that’s a no. That is no, I am so … that is like my one rule. I won’t do that. I know that is probably terrible but I just won’t do that.

    Kind of like Regina George in “”Mean Girls””?

    I admire her. She has got skill there even when she gets the holes cut in her boobs she makes it work.

    Caroline Nachazel


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