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    Mailbag: Oct. 20

    Personal responsibility comes before questioning others

    In response to “Occupy Wall Street movement is not about politics, it’s about progress” (Oct. 18 issue):

    “The goals that the movement is trying to reach are extremely idealistic. But, with the way our country is headed right now, we could use a little more idealism in our lives.” Forgive me, but I completely disagree. Practicality, not idealistic sentiment, is what this country needs. I agree that the United States government and its citizens are in dire straights, but these movements will do nothing to improve the situation. What happened to the belief in exercising personal fiscal responsibility? Did the “evil” banks hold a gun to your head as you signed for a house you were not financially prepared to pay for? I’d love to ditch class, quit my job and go illegally occupy a park to bemoan the unfairness of capitalistic greed and the government’s failing to save me. I’ve saved myself through persistence, hard work and living within my means. Illegally occupying a park and diverting police resources does not accomplish any of this movement’s many, incoherent demands. This largely youth-driven movement is “organized” out of fear. It is fear that this capitalistic system will not work for the new generation as it has in the past. However, “dissatisfaction” alone does not make an effective movement. There are other ways to make a realized difference. Yes, help to change the political scene, but first make the necessary changes in your personal life.

    — Alexandria Hollis,
    Pre-veterinary science junior

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