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    Attacks on Sens. Boepple, Tubbs unwarranted

    In response to Andy Keyt’s letter yesterday that targeted both Sen. Matt Boepple and Sen. Rhonda Tubbs, I would just like to say that at the senate meeting Feb. 1, Cade Bernsen approached me and asked me to write a letter to the Arizona Daily Wildcat that would go after those same senators for the same reasons posted in yesterday’s letter.

    Although I was unhappy that Tyler Reece has yet to be confirmed to the senate, I must also say that it was certainly not Boepple and Tubbs’ fault that Reece was not confirmed. Most of the senators believed that they needed more time to review his nomination and that it was handed to them too soon. Bernsen insisted that I write a letter and that I specifically target both Tubbs and Boepple.

    It doesn’t end there. Sen. Pat Cook also played a role in this by encouraging me, saying he was going to write a letter as well. This was not criticism for not nominating Reece. This was a disgusting tactic that was meant to ruin two fine individuals over a personal vendetta unrelated to Reece’s nomination. I think Reece is an excellent individual who should be confirmed to the senate and I feel that when Bernsen plays politics like this he is only hurting Reece, not helping him.

    Joel Shooster
    political science sophomore

    Responses to letter missed mark

    It is time to set the record straight. I have received multiple e-mails and two letters this week in opposition to my letter in last Wednesday’s Wildcat. The only “”irony”” about all these letters and oppositions is that they failed to read what I had written before they responded.

    I never said that the communists shouldn’t be allowed to speak, as many accused me of doing. I clearly recognize that the communists have the freedom to say whatever they like on this public campus. Believe me, I have a strong grasp on what constitutional freedoms Americans have. The purpose of my letter was to explain that the young communists should not become a chapter of the university.

    When you become a chapter of the university, you receive university funding, a room for meetings and recognition on the university’s Web site. The Constitution doesn’t say that the UA has to recognize every group that wants to become a chapter of the university. Communism was an imminent threat to this country for a long period of time. Contrary to others’ beliefs, I am not concerned about dissenting speech and opposition to our great nation, but I am very concerned about our university funding it, as I hope all of you are.

    Sean O’Neill
    political science junior

    Protests more shameful than depictions of Muhammad

    First of all, I would like to say, “”Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.”” (May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be with you.)

    I would like express how hurt I was when I heard about the false representations of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in various political cartoons drawn by a Danish cartoonist. I believe the Muslim community here and other Western nations must have a dialogue about the biography of Prophet Muhammad. I think it is time Muslims educate people about the life of Muhammad. “”The Message,”” a movie made by late Moustapha Akkad, is a good start. (Mr. Akkad was a major Hollywood producer of movies like “”Halloween,”” and was killed by al-Qaida in 2005.) I would like to reiterate that true Islam condemns terrorism and promotes peace between people of all backgrounds. Religious tolerance can only be achieved by fighting ignorance through peaceful discussions, dialogue, arts and education.

    At the same time, the road to tolerance must be a two-way street. Various Middle Eastern journalists have falsely represented people of the Jewish faith. Political cartoons often show Jewish politicians with pointed noses drinking the blood of Palestinian children. The worst and most disgusting act was committed by an Egyptian TV station, which produced a remake of the “”Elders,”” a Nazi propaganda film. President Ahmedinejad of Iran insults not only Jews but all humans when he denies the history of the Holocaust. As a former exchange student in Germany, I visited Dachau, and it’s shocking to me why any Muslim leader would make such a claim – especially when thousands of Bosnian Muslims were also victims of genocide. We need to provide the Arab and Muslim world with literature about the true, cruel horrors of the Holocaust. Arab and Muslim countries have laws to punish such haters. Muslims do not tolerate attacks on their religion, but Islam forbids Muslims from making attacks on other religions as well.

    Nonetheless, Holocaust denial is a crime, but Islamophobia is permitted in Europe. Countries like France boast freedom of expression but limit Muslim girls and Jewish children from wearing the hijab and yarmulkes, respectively.

    Yet I ask myself who has insulted Islam more: A xenophobic cartoonist in Denmark? Or those idiotic protesters in Syria and Lebanon who burned down embassies when the Prophet Muhammad made it clear never to harm envoys?

    The Taliban destroying the Buddhas in Afghanistan when the Quran says, “”To ye your religion and to me my religion?”” Or bloodthirsty militant members of al-Qaida who commit acts of murder and terror against all of humanity when the Quran mentions the 10 Commandments, which include “”Thou shall not kill?””

    While it must be asserted that true Islam is a religion of peace, Muhammad was a man of peace and Islamophobia must be condemned – moderate Muslims need a wake-up call to stop militant pseudo-Muslims from hijacking Islam, our faith. Radical militants want an Islamic state, yet true Muslims should be concerned about the state of Islam in their hearts.

    I would like to end this letter with a quote from Prophet Muhammad and a quote from the Quran, “”Desire for others, what you desire for yourself!”” “”God has created ye in many nations and tribes, so ye may get to know one another (not to despise one another).””

    Ahmad Saad Nasim
    UA alumnus

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