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Sound Off: Foles, Zendejas both choke like Eli … or not

This week, Arizona students discuss Wildcat football and other sports.

Daily Wildcat: So, what is your take on this year’s football team?

McCormick: Terrible.

Weise: Disappointing. The defense crumbles big time.

What do you think of Nick Foles?

McCormick: Him and (Alex) Zendejas both choke constantly. They remind me of like Eli Manning on the New York Giants.

Weise: He’s good. OK, Foles does not choke.

McCormick: Yes, he does.

Weise: No, he doesn’t.

McCormick: Yes, he does.

Weise: No.

McCormick: Yes, he does!

Weise: For a fifth-year senior, he is good.

McCormick: No, for a fifth-year senior, he is completely inconsistent, I guess is a better word to say.

Would you guys ever draft Foles onto your fantasy football team based on stats now?

McCormick: No.

Weise: I don’t know about that one. He’d be like one of the bottom ones.

Do you guys have a favorite Arizona basketball player?

McCormick: Um, Jesse Perry, cuz he’s over at my apartment all the time.

Weise: Yeah, mine’s Brendon Lavender just because I went to school with him.

Have you made a poster for Lavender or anything?

Weise: No. (laughs) Not that extreme, no.

Do you help Perry out with the maintenance on his hair?

McCormick: He doesn’t really like … I don’t know if I can comment on it but he said it took a long, long time to get it like that.

Do you follow any UA women’s sports?

McCormick: Uh, no, I don’t.

Weise: Yeah, women’s basketball, I do.

Do you think you could take their shortest player on some one-on-one?

Weise: No, cuz that’s Candice (Warthen) and no. I had class with her and no. She is … buff. (laughs)

Have you guys ever been to a UA women’s volleyball game? Guys usually like watching the sport.

McCormick: No, actually my roommate wants to go for that reason. He wants to find a volleyball girl to date.

Weise: (laughs) I think a lot of guys go out just for the looks, not really for the sport.

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