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    What is your best childhood memory?

    My best childhood memory was at my house, in San Diego, where I grew up. My sister my brother and I would play catch and stay outside for hours at end.

    How do you get over a loss?

    I look to see what went wrong and what I would do differently. Like the time I failed a test at the U of A and I made it my job to study for the next one and try and forget the past, because what’s done is done.

    What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

    My dad once told me “”work as hard as you can.”” That was the best advice I’ve ever been given, because I use it in every aspect of my life and it helps me become successful with different goals I set.

    What is the most important thing in the world?

    To me, family, friends, and having as much fun as you can, because everything goes by too fast. Knowing and appreciating who your real friends are is important to me, because friends are there to help you through difficult times and make you laugh when you’re feeling down.

    What are you thankful for?

    I am thankful for where I grew up as a child, because San Diego is such a beautiful city. Spending time with my friends and family on the beach made a lot of great memories.

    What is the most unique thing about you?

    Not only do I have red hair, but I am also an identical twin. I stand out a lot from most people. From my experience this has been good and bad, because people remember me, but sometimes I just want to be anonymous. It is also funny when my sister’s friends or teachers will wave at me thinking that I am my sister.

    How do people usually tell your twin sister and you apart?

    Our personalities are different from one another’s. Usually once someone has met us a few times it becomes obvious who’s who. Our voices are also different, but my mom still confuses us when we are on the phone. My voice is slightly deeper than hers.

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