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    Best new artist goes to the best new loser

    By the age of 20, most people have a general idea about what is considered acceptable behavior, and you can only hope they know the difference between childish remarks, and flat out bigotry. You can also conclude that at 20 years old, you know to mind your “p’s” and “q’s” when on a nationally televised awards show, that is most certainly being viewed by impressionable youths.

    At MTV’s Video Music Awards, all the biggest names were out in the spotlight. For the most part the VMAs were packed with well behaved adults. Even Britney Spears put her crazy down and accepted an award gracefully. There were however a few children in the audience, and I don’t mean Justin Bieber. New musician, Tyler, the Creator, and his carousel of clowns were out and about dropping the F-bomb on the “black carpet.”

    Tyler went on to win the Best New Artist award beating out Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Foster the People and Kreayshawn. If you are still scratching your head as to who this guy is, you’re not alone, I too was shouting at the TV, “Who is this guy?”

    Tyler, unknown to those with musical taste, has gained fame through his controversial lyrics and shock value antics. His album has offended large advocacy groups such as GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and RVA (Rape Victim Advocates) with the amount of violent, sexist, and homophobic references he makes. Not only does his album use “faggot” 213 times, according to NME Magazine, Tyler defends himself with the argument that he is just a kid and that kids do not think about that stuff.

    Pardon me? You are a 20-year-old at the VMAs and you have a popular music video. You’re being televised to people across the world, yet you do not see the harm in using homophobic language because you are a “kid?” That’s pathetic. Acting like a child doesn’t automatically make you one, so kiss that Neverland dream goodbye. You’re an adult, act like one. Be accountable for your actions.

    Maybe it has a small amount to do with my bitterness toward him for nabbing the award Wiz Khalifa clearly deserved, but I don’t think it is acceptable for MTV to allow such an important award to go to someone so naive and insensitive. This would have been the appropriate time for Kanye to step in, interrupt and defeat Tyler. The amount of ignorance Tyler demonstrated at his VMA debut is scary. He gives a bad reputation to new, young artists.

    Due to MTV’s much too generous attitude toward Tyler and his award, he is starting to be seen as some sort of role model and music icon. In 2010, Justin Bieber received the Best New Artist VMA, which he highly deserved. If Justin Bieber’s album had a myriad of homophobic references and a ridiculous amount of emphasis on rape and violence against women, I would have said the same thing about him.

    Tyler the Creator, you do not deserve to be in the spotlight. Wash out your mouth with soap, rather than a cockroach, the next time you make an appearance at a nationally televised event.

    — Caroline Nachazel is a junior studying journalism and communications. She can be reached at

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