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    “On the Spot: Austin Adams, business sophomore”

    I’ve noticed a lot of chicks longboarding and skateboarding this semester. How do you feel about that?

    It’s different. I think it’s just whatever you prefer. Girls are on bikes as well — just a way to get around.

    Don’t you think that girls on boards are hot though, like doesn’t that make them really interesting and cool?

    Sure, yeah.

    Would you be more likely to approach a girl on a skateboard, bike, rollerblades or Razor scooter?

    Probably a bike because bikes stop easier.

    Did you used to wear the Heelys in middle school? Did you used to have a pair of those? Don’t lie.

    I did not have Heelys. I had Soaps though.

    What are those?

    They are for grinding on rails, but on your shoes.

    What is something interesting about you?

    I’m on the volleyball team.

    Tell me more.

    It’s the club volleyball team at school. We’re actually having tryouts next week.

    Boys only?

    Well, for the boys’ team. But yes, it is boys only. We travel. I played in high school so it’s pretty cool.

    What is your favorite action in volleyball — like spiking, serving, etc.?

    Serving — definitely serving.

    How do you feel about Lindsay Lohan?

    She is getting way too much attention and she does not deserve it.

    Don’t you think she should be in jail … do the crime do the time?

    I think she should be locked up for a long time.

    I mean, Lil Wayne is in jail doing his time, I think Lindsay should too.

    She should make like a ‘Parent Trap 2′ except call it like ‘Jail Trap’ or something like that.

    Definitely. So I heard you talking to your buddy about some new rappers on the UA campus?

    Yeah actually my friend, Cooper Watson — him and his friend are actually making this new rap/electric music group. It’s called AZ Bake Oven with an ‘A’ instead of an ‘E’.

    Whoa, how did they start that?

    They just have their rhymes every night like at parties and stuff and they just decided to put it all together to make a band or a group. So they should be coming out with some stuff soon so look out for them.

    Are they on Facebook?

    They’ll be up soon; their friend is setting it up I think.

    I am definitely going to have to find one of them and interview them next.

    You should.

    If you could pick one music video that relates to your life, what would it be?

    Definitely ‘California Girls,’ that music video is pretty awesome, all the candy.

    Such a great video … are you upset she didn’t win any awards for that one?

    I am pissed. Just pissed.


    — Caroline Nachazel

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