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    “Dude, what’s your tattoo say?”

    UA basketball players answer the question “”Got Ink?”” with a resounding yes. While Marcus Williams, Jordan Hill and Daniel Dillon show off theirs, Kirk Walters has yet to get one.

    Marcus Williams

    I have five tattoos:

    • First one I got was a few years agoð – the one on my left arm.

    • I just felt like I wanted something on me – something that I live by. It says “”In God’s hands.”” That’s how I kind of look at my life and any events that happen (right shoulder).

    • Nickname on the back of arms. It says “”M Will.””
    • Left forearm, it says “”If you don’t do anything big in your life, no one will remember your name.”” (not pictured)

    • It’s not anything like you need be a celebrity, it’s just be remembered how you want to remembered in life, whether it’s a good (person) or an all star basketball player or whatever it is. (not pictured)

    • The nickname on the right arm says “”Smooth.””

    • On the left shoulder: “”Any Questions,”” a guy holding a microphone and a basketball rim and stepping on a basketball.

    Jordan Hill

    I have five tattoos:

    • I got one my freshman year in high school. Just wanted to have a little fun, it’s something about my family.
    • My mom passed when I was 3, so I got “”in love and memory””, the year she was born and when she died, a basketball and a banner with her name in it, Carol.
  • And on the bottom I got “”Doing it for you.””
  • Big old English J, my brother’s name is James, the year he was born,. My sister’s name is Jan the year she was born, we all got the same J.
  • Upper right arm I have a son, his name is Jordan. It’s a Scorpio symbol for his birthdate.
  • It’s a logo of Jordan.
  • On my leg, both of my grandmother’s names:my grandmother on my mother’s side and my grandmother on my father’s side.
  • Daniel Dillon

    I have two tattoos, first when I was 18. It was like a spur of the moment.

    • I had one that I drew up one my own in like 7th or 8th grade that I’ve wanted to get for a while. It was a hand coming out of the cloud with a basketball, it’s on my back.
  • The other one is a Japanese symbol of strength and power, it’s a personal thing for me.
  • Kirk Walters

    If I would get one, I want to have a reason to have one, I’m not just going to get Michigan’s finest across my arm or something. I just haven’t had a good enough reason to get a tattoo yet. My brother-in-law and my sister both have tattoos. I don’t even know, it’d be something cool though, that’s for sure.

    -as told to Roman Veysman

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