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COMIC: Rat’s Nest #3
Olivia MoreyFebruary 28, 2024

    “Pac-10, more like Yack-10”

    Michael Ignatov
    Michael Ignatov / Arizona Daily Wildcat Figure drawing story for ARTS

    Merely weeks into the season, Pacific 10 Conference basketball is so distraught and backward, why not refer to it as the Crap-10?

    While you were home for Thanksgiving break, scrounging your family’s fridge where the cheapest beer was Sam Adams, the Crap-10 basketball conference got rocked by teams that would be proud of a “”mid-major”” label.

    They’re the Keystone of college basketball’s fridge, so foul they’ll almost make you Yack-10.

    Here’s what has transpired so far this season, in no particular order:

    • Montana defeated Oregon.

    • Cal State, Fullerton edged UCLA.

    • Syracuse slapped around Cal.

    • Ohio State beat Cal.

    • San Diego beat Stanford.

    • Oral Roberts beat Stanford.

    • Loyola Marymount beat USC.

    • Long Beach State man-handled UCLA.

    • Wisconsin beat Arizona.

    • Portland rocked UCLA.

    A headline in The Oregonian: “”Could (Portland) Pilots win Pac-10? Who knows after 27-point win over UCLA””

    “”It really feels horrible,”” UCLA coach Ben Howland told the Los Angeles Times. “”We’re a long way from being a good team.””

    The Yack-10 began the season ranked as the No. 6 conference in the nation, according to CBS Sports — even behind the SEC — with only two top-25 ranked teams.

    There are only two undefeated teams: No. 12 Washington, the clear-cut early season runaway, and Washington State, a team whose opponents are a combined 4-22.

    Yack-10 basketball resembles more of the mid-2000s Pac-10 football scheme, better known as Pac-1 plus nine with Pete Carroll and USC as the supremacy.

    Nobody’s saying the Huskies are supreme or thinking they could matchup against top-tier Big East teams, but the criticism is more focused on the rest of the Yack.

    “”Also know this: Our conference will get better as our season grows,”” UA coach Sean Miller said of the Yack-10, as if it could get any worse. “”And clearly the youth in our conference now will be replaced by experience here in a year or two, and I think you’ll find that we’ll be right back where the Pac-10 has been know to be for many, many years.””

    It shouldn’t shock anybody: The Yack-10’s youth cannot — and probably will not — immediately replace the NBA first-round draft picks of the past two seasons.

    In the past two Manhattan summers, the NBA Draft has stolen 13 Pac-10 players in the first round. In yesterday’s press conference, UA head basketball coach Sean Miller played the “”what-if”” game, just as I’m sure Howland had over his Thanksgiving stuffing.

    “”I don’t know if there’s any other conference in the country that lost more great players than our conference did a year ago,”” Miller said. “”And you just take a look at our program, you know. Imagine if Chase Budinger was on our team right now. What if Jordan Hill was on our team right now? Both or one. You know, you’re looking at a whole different dynamic.

    “”And in our conference we have so many programs who are dealing with that.””

    But until the teams gain that experience, it’s Keystone on the weekends. Yuck.

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