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    Police Beat: Aug. 23

    High in the Sky

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer went to Sky View Apartments on Thursday in response to a report of a marijuana-like odor coming from one of the rooms. The officer knocked on the door of the room and one of the residents opened it. The odor was stronger inside the room. The five other men in the apartment were advised of their rights and agreed to answer any questions. The men said they had been using marijuana by means of an electric vaporizer that belonged to one of the residents who had a cannabis medical treatment recommendation from a doctor in California. The resident gave the officer his California driver’s license to verify his identity and accidentally revealed a fake ID while retrieving it. The occupants of the room were cited for possession and use of marijuana and one was also cited for possession of a fictitious driver’s license.

    Likins Hall residents likin’ marijuana

    A call from Likins Hall around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday alerted UAPD officers to an odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. The resident granted the officers entrance to the room but denied the presence of any marijuana. “I don’t know what you guys smell. I don’t smell any marijuana,” one of the residents said. The resident refused to allow the officers to search his side of the room. The resident was served with a warrant a few hours later and the officers searched his side of the room. They found a broken glass pipe and a bag of fresh marijuana in a metal safe bolted to the bed frame. Th e resident was arrested and booked into Pima County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana and narcotic paraphernalia.

    Trouble develops for men with photograph

    UAPD officers responded to a call about two men acting suspiciously in Likins Hall at midnight on Wednesday. Two resident assistants said they had been conducting a security check of the second floor when they noticed two men pulling on the door handles as they walked down the hallway. One man ran when the RAs called out to him. As the other pulled out his ID, a photo of two female cheerleaders fell from his shorts pocket. The RA recognized the photo as one that had been hanging from the door of one of the rooms. “You’re fucking hot” had been written on the whiteboard of the women’s door. The RAs caught up with the man who had run from them and he denied turning the door handles or writing the message. The man was a Likins Hall resident. The officers attempted contact with the resident but received no answer. There is no further information.

    Man should keep mouth, drawer shut

    UAPD officers responded to Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall on Thursday around 11 p.m., in response to a marijuana odor coming from one of the rooms. The officers went to the room in question but could not detect any odor from outside of the room. They knocked on the door and one of the residents allowed them entry to the room to talk. The officers noticed that the resident, who lived by himself, had slow speech, dilated pupils and bloodshot eyes. The resident told officers he did not have anything and did not smoke. He consented to a search of the room and later said that his stuff was in the drawer. The officers searched the drawer and found a pipe, marijuana and a medical marijuana certificate from California. The authenticity of the certificate is unknown. The resident was informed that if the certificate were not valid, he would be charged for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    Bike stolen from Psychology building

    A student met with a UAPD officer on Thursday about her bike that had been stolen from the racks near the Psychology building. The woman told the officer she had locked her bike to the racks around 7:30 a.m. When she returned around 4 p.m., her bike and lock were gone. The woman could not provide the serial number for the bike and it was not registered with Parking and Transportation Services.

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