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    “On the Spot: Alejandro Grajal, undeclared freshman”

    You don’t look like you’re a big Patrick Swayze fan, but are you aware of what happened to him?

    No, I’m not a big fan. But yeah, I did hear that he died from cancer.

    Yeah, he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and finally passed away on Monday. What memories do you have of Patrick Swazye, if any?

    None. I know he was in some famous movies and that’s it really.

    Yeah, he was in a few big ones. He was in “”Dirty Dancing”” but I’m guessing that “”Dirty Dancing”” isn’t exactly one of your favorite movies?

    (Laughs) No, I’m not a “”Dirty Dancing”” kind of guy.

    Alright then. A lot of people might not know of this one, but I remember him from “”To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.”” Have you heard of that movie?


    He played a drag queen in that flick with John Leguizamo and Wesley Snipes. It was a pretty funny movie. But you might have heard of his movie “”Ghost.”” That was a big one.

    No, can’t say that I have.

    Really? With Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore? He dies and then he’s a ghost and still tries to get with Demi Moore.

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen clips of that on TV.

    What are you going to think when they start playing that movie all the time now on TBS?

    That would be kind of ironic. He’ll be a ghost in the movie and maybe he’ll be a ghost in real life, too. That’s pretty ironic.

    What are your thoughts on Patrick Swayze as a person?

    I didn’t know him, and this is going to sound harsh, but he died. Whatever, you know?

    It’s been kind of a rough past few months for celebrities.

    Yeah, they keep dying off.

    Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died a while ago, and now Kanye is getting into trouble again.

    And that ShamWow dude get busted, too. And Kayne is acting up again.

    Oh yeah, that’s right, huh. The ShamWow guy got busted for felony battery last year, and Kayne is just acting crazy again. What do celebrities need to do to get some good publicity back into the media?

    I don’t know. I guess stop dying or being assholes basically.


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