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    Do’s and Don’ts: The only Spring Fling advice you’ll ever need

    Whether it’s your first time experiencing Spring Fling or your fourth year in a row trekking the largest student-run carnival in the nation, it never hurts to know a few sage words of wisdom to ensure the most fun. Between the live music, great food, fun games, thrilling rides and Clifford the Big Red Dog, this spectacle can feel overwhelming, but this advice will help keep the good times rolling

    More information can be found at the Spring Fling website, Check it out to find food menus, ticket prices, promotions and more.

    Do: Check out the club food

    With plenty of clubs and greek organizations bringing delicious dishes, patrons can put to rest any reservations about student-made food.

    “It’s usually the clubs that are making the food, but that’s something really special because they actually are making carnival foods,” said Aaron Aguirre, marketing senior and programming director. 

    The club food at Spring Fling is not only a tasty tradition, but it’s also a can’t-miss culinary destination.

    Don’t: Sample the clubs’ food offerings and then immediately ride the Tilt-A-Whirl 

    While sharing is caring, nobody wants to experience secondhand funnel cake.

    Do: Ride the Ferris wheel

    “Try to get on top of the Ferris wheel and take a picture of campus and just kind of look around and see how cool it is,” said dance senior and executive director Miranda Beck. 

    After the peaceful serenity accompanying that picturesque view, don’t be afraid to try some of the more wild rides.

    “There are over 40 rides and attractions, and they’ll make you a really brave Wildcat,” said Santiago Kloehr, marketing senior and marketing director.  

    Don’t: Drop your phone, or any other personal belonging for that matter, while taking a picture at the top of the Ferris wheel

    Do: Bring extra cash, canned food on Friday and children’s books on Sunday

    Spring Fling offers certain promotions that can spare your wallet.

    “On Friday, if you bring four nonperishable items for the community food bank, you’ll receive $5 off a wristband,” said Kloehr. “On Sunday, if you bring two children’s books for the Reading Seed … you can get free admission.”

    Do: Bring your friends and family

    Spring Fling is not just for college students but for all members of the Tucson community. There are a variety of attractions meant for all ages, ranging from the appearances of Wilbur, Wilma and Clifford the Big Red Dog, to the 52-inch rides for the not faint-of-heart. Kids Korner provides more kid-oriented entertainment including games, face painting and readings. Children can also find kid-centric rides near Kids Korner. 

    Don’t: Forget that many people bring their friends and family 

    Despite being on campus, Spring Fling does not exist inside the college bubble and other Tucsonans will be there. The event is meant to bring the entire community together and therefore does not cater to any particular demographic.

    Do: Play games and support UA clubs

    “The games are pretty much all your carnival staple games,” Kloehr said. “They are run by clubs, so when you go and you buy food from these club booths, any money that you spend goes to the clubs … Same with the games.”

    The club involvement remains one of the shining aspects of Spring Fling that makes it special.

    Don’t: Bring a large bag, especially a suspiciously large bag

    Bags will be checked at the entrance and chances are security will not let you take it in. Aguirre, Kloehr and Beck all advise against bringing bags to Spring Fling.

    Don’t: Overspend on any one game

    No teddy bear is worth $50 or the embarrassment and regret that is sure to follow.

    Do: Go!

    “It’s a great way to kind of tie all of campus together. … It’s a really great way to kind of have the whole campus collaborate,” Beck said.

    Spring Fling is no small feat. It is a year-round effort requiring eight student directors and countless others working with them to create an endeavor rich with UA history. 

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