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    Just the Tips w/Kat: Pleasure of hidden piercings no secret

    I laid back on the cold, plush chair covered in green vinyl and layers of cleaning solution and let my legs dangle off the sides, my skirt pulled up around my waist and my underwear balled up in my hand. A man with a spike through his lower lip stood to my right, snapped gloves onto his hands and said, “Try not to kick me in the face.” A cold metal chill, a pinch and BAM: A pretty purple-jeweled piercing on my pussy.

    Body modification is an awesome way to express yourself, and genital piercings specifically combine pleasure and stimulation with stylish, badass accessorizing.

    I had my Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing done for my 18th birthday. In a VCH, a 14 gauge curved barbell is inserted through the top of the clitoral hood, so that the bottom ball rests on top of the sensitive tip of the clitoris. Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) piercings are hoops that go through the same spot, but they do not touch the clitoris directly. The inner and outer labia can also be pierced.

    Male piercings include a Prince Albert — a barbell that enters through the urethra and exits on the underside of the shaft — frenum piercings down the shaft of the penis, hoops or rings on the skin of the scrotum and ampallangs, which go through the head of the penis.

    Newer piercings called “Dukes” have been designed for female-bodied trans*men who have been on testosterone where two curved barbells are placed inside the hood on either side of the small penis/enlarged clitoris.

    Genital piercings heal fairly quickly because of the thin tissue “down there,” the same reason that most of them aren’t as painful as cartilage piercings on the ears and nose. Healing times range from four to 10 weeks with proper after-care, except for ampallangs which can take up to six months to heal, depending on the placement and the person. My VCH healed in six weeks, but felt pleasurable two days after I got it.

    Expect to pay upwards of $70 for a piercing and jewelry, which may seem pricey in a town filled with “2 for $20 Piercings!” signs, but trust me: The sex is worth it.

    With my VCH, I can make myself cum hands-free walking down the street or sitting in class. Tilting slightly as I move can rub the seam of my jeans against my piercing and ta-da! Orgasm on the go. There’s also almost no way for a person to miss your clitoris when there’s a sparkling gem on it.

    Flicking the barbell back and forth with the tongue and gentle tugging with teeth are two hot tricks I’ve learned. My male-bodied sexual partners have told me that rubbing the ball of the piercing against the head or shaft feels great for them as well. Every piercing and person is different, and there are a thousand ways to use each one to your hot, steamy advantage.

    If you’ve been squirming in your seat even thinking about needles near your netherparts, don’t worry. There are less-intimate piercings that spice up sex just as much— on the tongue, for instance.

    Kyle, an agriculture freshman, recently got head from a man with a tongue piercing.

    “As soon as his tongue hit the bottom of my dick I realized, ‘That’s what that’s for!’ … It added that extra stimulus,” he said. “During regular oral sex, someone’s tongue can just feel like a glob of tissue slapped up against your genitalia. … The beads [of the piercing] brought it to the next level.”

    Nipple piercings are another, slightly more painful, way to decorate your beautiful body. They can increase sensitivity and are popular amongst Big Surf lifeguards and punk rockers alike.

    Different piercings offer different ways to highlight what you love about your body and to stimulate your favorite erogenous zones. As long as you take care of your piercing and learn how to work it, the two seconds of pain getting pierced brings are worth the sparkle it can give your sex life.

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