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    Police Beat: July 3

    Smart car goes green

    Two male high school students from Phoenix were pulled over by a University of Arizona Police Department officer at First Street and Park Avenue on June 23rd at 12:05 a.m. The officer noticed that a white Smart car was being driven without any tail lights. The officer pulled over the vehicle and asked the driver and the passenger for their identification. The officer noted in the report that he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. UAPD asked both suspects to step out of the car. The owner of the car gave consent for the officer to conduct a search, and the officer found a clear glass pipe behind the driver’s seat. The officer asked the suspects who the pipe belonged to and both the driver and the passenger denied ownership.

    It was noted in the report that the driver showed no signs or symptoms of marijuana use but the passenger had red, bloodshot eyes and “displayed a lack of convergence when the officer checked his eyes.” The officer placed both suspects under arrest and began to conduct a search on the passenger. He found a red plastic baggie, containing a green plant material that emitted the odor of marijuana in the suspect’s left front pocket. The UAPD officer read the suspects their Miranda rights and asked them further questions. Officers noted in the report that the passenger confessed to buying the bag of marijuana from a friend and had “smoked some earlier that day.” Both the driver and the passenger were booked with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Evidence from the scene was taken back to UAPD headquarters and placed into UAPD Property and Evidence. The passenger was booked into the Pima Country Juvenile Court Center.

    In a hurry to get high

    UAPD noticed a gold Acura speeding northbound on Eighth Street and Campbell Avenue on June 22 at 1:12 p.m. The officer flashed his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over. The officer asked the male driver for his driver’s license and performed a records check. Dispatch called the officer and informed him the suspect had a suspended license. The officer began to search the car and found a small green-colored object that resembled a marijuana pipe. The officer asked the suspect if he knew what the object was and he replied, “I didn’t even know it was in there. My friends ride in the car all of the time and they smoke pot.” The officer cited the driver for possession of drug paraphernalia due to the fact it was in his car, and also cited him for driving on a suspended license and speeding 15 mph over the posted speed limit. The car was impounded and the driver was released at the scene.

    Missing license plate yields methamphetamines

    UAPD officers received a call from dispatch on June 13th at 5 a.m. about a stolen license plate. UAPD officers recovered the stolen license plate at the University of Arizona Medical Center-University Campus shortly after the call in the emergency entrance parking lot. The license plate was attached to a Toyota Highlander. Officers noted in the report that the plates were scanned because it was the only car in the parking lot with windows down and no one near the car. The stolen plates were confirmed by dispatch to a non UA-affiliated person. The UAPD officers continued to search the vehicle but only found bags of dirty laundry, miscellaneous items and a hard-shell rifle case. There was no registration for the car and officers noted in the report that they noticed significant damage to the key hole of the ignition.

    A female approached the officers and informed them that there was a woman with blond hair attempting to lift the window up but was unsuccessful. The female said the woman eventually left the vehicle and entered through the emergency room. One officer took photographs of the vehicle while the other searched the surrounding areas. Both officers then searched the emergency room area, and eventually found the two suspects after asking what car they arrived in. The suspects, one male and the other female, were in one of the emergency rooms, and the male was lying on the bed. The officer noted in the report that as he asked the male and female suspects more questions, they became increasingly suspicious and refused to answer. The officers asked if the female had identification on her, and she told them she did not. The officers noticed a purse underneath the hospital bed and asked the woman about it. She told them it was a friend’s. Security staff informed the officers that they had security footage of the female walking in with the purse.

    The officers searched the purse and found a loaded 9 mm handgun and a clear glass pipe with residue that looked like methamphetamines. One of the officers placed the female under arrest and escorted her to the patrol car. The other officer searched the male lying on the emergency bed and found a pocket knife, a prescription bottle full of oxycodone, a bag of methamphetamines, a cellphone, digital camera and two empty syringes. The two were transported to Pima County Jail for possession of narcotics, four arrest warrants and no proof of registration or insurance for the vehicle. The gun was cleared safe and sent into property and evidence with the other items.

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