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    Police Beat: April 18

    The truth shall set you free

    A male UA student was diverted to the Dean of Students Office on April 13 after being forthcoming with an officer about marijuana possession.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer, on bike patrol near Coronado Residence Hall, observed a student sitting on a bench on the northwest side of the building around midnight.

    As soon as the student noticed the officer, he quickly got up and started walking toward Euclid Avenue.

    While walking, he looked back nervously at the officer several times.

    At the corner of Euclid Avenue and Fifth Street, the officer caught up to the student and asked him to identify himself.

    When asked about why he so quickly left after noticing the officer, he said it was “”because I just knew you were going to talk to me.””

    The student also admitted to having a drug paraphernalia on his person.

    With the student’s permission, the officer searched his clothing and found a small, black and blue smoking pipe in his sweater pouch.

    He admitted that there was marijuana in the pipe and said that he thought he got it from a party a few weeks ago, but did not know who gave it to him.

    The officer decided to dismiss the student to the Dean of Students Office and released him on scene.

    Arts student makes troubling threats on Facebook

    Several concerned students reported a male UA art student who made threats on Facebook last week to UAPD on April 13.

    A UAPD officer was dispatched to the School of Art at 2:09 p.m., and spoke with the reporting party who said that she was aware of the suspicious behavior after hearing about it from an instructor.

    According to the instructor, the student made a crown for Eva Longoria in class.

    The instructor asked him who the audience for the crown was and he became very angry.

    “”The crown has no audience!”” the student yelled to the instructor.

    His response made the class uncomortable although no one was directly targeted, said the instructor.

    After class, the instructor looked for the student’s Facebook page to find out more about him.

    On the page, he found “”diatribes”” that the student had made as status updates on his and Eva Longoria’s page.

    While the messages contained threats, no one was specifically mentioned.

    On a post to Eva Longoria, the student said, “”Once I start I will not stop until they are all dead.””

    His personal status updates were more verbose.

    “”Are you all ready for war?”” he said. “”Keep pushing and I will destroy you all! You think I’m bluffing Jesus and the Legions are ready and I have been given the commandment to wage war so if it’s war you seek it’s a war you shall have. Keep pushing you’re only provoking my Father the Almighty the God of War!””

    Another witness from the School of Art corroborated that she had seen videos of him shooting an assault rifle at inanimate objects.

    Upon contacting the Dean of Students Office, the officer learned that they did not want to remove the student from class or the UA but felt that the situation would be best handled by the Dean.

    Laptop containing exams lost in ‘haste’

    A molecular and cellular biology instructor lost an Apple laptop on April 13.

    At approximately 3 p.m., the instructor placed her Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology-issued computer on the trunk of her vehicle in the Cherry Avenue garage.

    According to her statement to UAPD, she said she took off “”in a haste”” and did not remember moving the laptop from the trunk to inside the car.

    For this reason, she believed that the laptop fell off the trunk of the vehicle.

    After returning home, she noticed that she no longer had the computer and returned to the garage to find it.

    When the instructor’s search came up empty she decided to inform UAPD.

    In addition to her personal tax information, the laptop contained the exams for her two classes.

    There are no witnesses to the lost property at this time.

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