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    Unflattering portrayal of greeks unfair, inaccurate

    The recently published article concerning greek emphasis on philanthropy was incomplete, unresearched and without merit of writing and publication. The author’s supposed “”average”” of charitable dollars raised and philanthropic hours completed per greek is a slap in the face to those chapters at the UA that take their philanthropy programs very seriously. Only a person (undoubtedly like the author) so unfamiliar with greek organizations, evidenced by his blatant propagation of stereotypes, would attempt to lump each greek chapter together at such a diverse and distinctive university as the UA.

    Secondly, the author offers no comparison as to how many philanthropy hours and charitable contributions are being made by students unaffiliated with greek life. It is disheartening and harmful to the greek system that, following a very successful rush, such an unwarranted attack be thrust upon an institution aiming to improve student and community life. I sincerely hope that in the future this breed of editorial journalism will not find a home in the pages of the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

    Jeff Travis
    director of communications UCLA Interfraternity Council

    Standing up at home football games should be a right

    Since when did fans from visiting teams have the right – and control – to tell Wildcat fans how to cheer during a football game? Three of my friends and I went to the football game against BYU this past Saturday. I’m sure if you were seated anywhere near section 203, you probably saw us. We were the only people outside of the student section to get customer relations called on us three times for standing up and cheering for our Wildcats. Not by Arizona fans, but by Cougar fans. Being a UA alumna, I no longer have the option of sitting in the student section. I get stuck in that section that divides the Wildcat fans with the visiting team’s fans. While standing the entire first half, cheering along with our cheerleaders, starting the infamous “”U of A”” chant, and yelling “”defense”” when we’re holding a 3-and-inches line, Cougar fans actually had the courage to call customer relations on us three times because we were standing up! It’s amazing; the first time in six years our stadium is packed to the top, fans don’t rush in their cars at halftime and we’re actually beating a higher-ranked team, and our stadium’s customer relations actually listened to the BYU fans and told us to either sit down or get out. This is after the BYU fans were heckling us, throwing things at us and starting inappropriate cheers that their 6-year-old sons were happily chanting. They were angry because we were cheering for our team at a home game! Try going to a USC game or an Ohio State game and telling their fans that they can’t stand up to cheer. Their stadiums’ customer relations would laugh in your face. When did it become a crime to cheer for your home team? Go Cats!

    Sarah M. Thompson
    coordinator, career initiatives Eller College of Management

    UA sports fans need to get their priorities straight

    Saturday was a day that will live in infamy. I, being the top-notch student that I am, decided to make optimal use of my holiday weekend by spending it at the UA library getting ahead on papers and studying for upcoming exams. However, my dreams of academic glory were thwarted when I arrived on campus only to find that any parking available had been reserved for the football game (which was occurring seven hours later, I might add). Apparently the UA has forgotten that it is a scholarly institution first! I rue the day when the abomination that is UA football tore the textbook from the eager student’s grasp and replaced it with a frothy beer and an irrational hatred for our fellow learning institutions. How can Latin declensions and game theory compete with cheerleaders and blood sport? Fortunately I can count myself as one of the lucky ones whose priorities are in order (thank you home schooling for teaching me the dangers to which fun inevitably leads). The UA should be counting their lucky stars that this is a three-day weekend, which affords me ample time to make up for lost opportunity, or else I really would have raised hell. Until the next home game, I suppose.

    Jared Benton
    retail and consumer sciences freshman

    Football game accessible, enjoyable for everyone

    I would just like to congratulate the UA and its football team for a great weekend. I was back in town for the first game of the season because that’s what former students should do! What a game! A great last-second win was only matched by the great service provided by the UA staff. I found getting to and from the game to be much easier than a few years ago when I was an undergraduate. Parking was no problem, so I have to say thanks to all for saving me many headaches. And finally, to all those students I saw at the library, get some school spirit and get to the game!

    Ove Mard
    UA alumnus

    Prop. 206 will stop harmful public smoking

    I think that everyone is misguided on what Proposition 206 is doing. If you check out, it clearly states that Proposition 206 will ban smoking in all public places except bars. The point of the proposition is to prohibit smoking in places where those who have chosen not to smoke do not have to be bothered by secondhand smoke. A perfect example of this would be the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center courtyard. Despite the numerous signs, people still smoke down there, and it is disgusting to have to walk through other people’s smoke to get to classes when they aren’t even allowed to smoke down there to begin with. Another place would be in the Student Union Memorial Center. Smoking is only allowed in a secluded area, yet every day when I pass by the UofA Bookstore or go into the food court, I have to inhale dangerous smoke.

    For the smokers out there, you might be using your own lungs, but your decision to smoke affects and harms everyone around you who does not want to smoke. So before everyone goes all off about the negative impact on bars, think about how the health of numerous individuals will be improved with the passing of this proposition. It is no secret that secondhand smoke has the ability to kill. This proposition finally does something to prevent it.

    Erik Arend
    senior majoring in optical sciences and engineering

    ‘Crocodile Hunter’s’ death a real loss

    Before my three-month trip to Australia this past summer, the only thing I knew about the country was Steve Irwin. Unlike other popular culture icons, Steve Irwin was not superficial. He was a man who envisioned a world where earth’s beauty was conserved. The countless personal risks taken to share with his audience the danger and beauty of Earth’s creatures is a testament to his bewilderment and awe of animals. Beneath every “”crikey!”” was a reminder that we share this Earth with other creatures, creatures that deserve their own space and protection.

    Mohammed G. Abdelwahab
    physiology senior

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