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    “On the spot: Beth Brenner, History senior”

    Who’s your favorite super hero?

    I like Batman, but I think that’s just because I like the logo. I’m kind of neutral on the subject. And, his voice. Batman’s pretty cool. And, Superman, too, because he can fly.

    So you like the feel of Batman, but you like the powers of Superman?

    Exactly, Batman’s lack of superpowers is a drawback.


    If you were a superhero, what power would you have?

    Oh, teleportation. For sure.

    That would be a sweet superpower.

    Yeah. Because you don’t know how long flying takes. It’s messy.

    What would be your superhero name? Zap?

    Yeah! I like that. Or Zoom. Is Zoom taken? But I’m not fast. I like Zap.

    Would you wear a costume?


    What would your costume look like?

    Spandex. Cape. Not as revealing as Wonder Woman’s or Batgirl’s. Gold, probably.


    All gold? Or gold accents?

    At least sparkly. Sparkly for sure. And, a cape and spandex.

    I think that fits the name really well. If I hear that there’s a superhero named Zap, I want that superhero to be wearing something sparkly. All right, if they made a comic or movie about you, who would play your love interest?

    Michael Cera. I like Michael Cera.

    So, you’d be Zap, dressed in all gold and, in your personal life, you’d be chasing Michael Cera?


    I would watch this movie.

    Me too. I like where this is going.

    Let’s get together and write the script. Then, we can sell it to Hollywood.

    We’ll sell it to Michael Cera. I think it’s perfect. I think he’d be into it.

    — Katie Gault

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