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    “On the spot: Zach Lewis, Pre-business sophomore”

    Were you a child growing up in the ‘90s?

    Yes. Absolutely.

    Did you watch a lot of television?


    What did you watch?

    My favorite show is “”Doug.”” By far. Patty Mayonnaise. It’ll always have a place in my heart.

    What else did you watch? Obviously, Nickelodeon.

    Yes! Nickelodeon was my favorite. I watched “”Hey Arnold!”” a lot, as well. And, later on, I kind of stepped away from early ‘90s television. Oh, “”Catdog.”” I liked “”Catdog”” a lot. And, “”(The) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.””

    What do you think drew you to those television shows in the ‘90s?

    I don’t know. It’s my childhood. I think children are going to feel the same about television that’s on now. It’s just something I connect to.

    But, all that’s on now is “”Hannah Montana”” and “”iCarly.””

    (Laughs) Yeah. I prefer the cartoons. It’s a lot more old school.

    Do you think they should just bring back those old cartoons?

    Yeah. I think they still play “”One Saturday Morning,”” or whatever it’s called. They still play cartoons in the mornings. It’s just not as big as it once was.

    I, personally, am worried about the next generation of children. I grew up watching “”Doug”” and “”(The Adventures of) Pete and Pete””—

    Oh, I remember “”Pete and Pete.””

    They were total hipsters before hipsters existed.


    But now, kids are watching girls that wear short skirts and have fake hair.

    Yeah, that is kind of upsetting actually. But it’s society, I guess.

    Well, at least, we got the good television.

    Yeah, we got the good stuff.

    If you could create a children’s television show for today’s youth, what would it be?

    It would be about a high school kid, cartoon obviously, and it would be similar to “”Rocket Power”” if you remember that show.

    “”Rocket Power”” was awesome.


    ­­— by Katie Gault


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