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    Editorial: Pass/Fail

    We’ll wash your mouths out with spirit soap!

    Arizona interim men’s basketball coach Kevin O’Neill must be satisfied with the job he’s done replacing the legendary Lute Olson, because he’s looking for a new part-time job: Zona Zoo-keeper. Yesterday, the Wildcat reported on a newfound concern from O’Neill and the athletic department over rowdy chants of “”Fuck the refs!”” that have emerged from the student section at several recent UA men’s basketball games. Arizona Athletics and student leaders from Zona Zoo are cowering in fear over the ludicrous and remote possibility of losing sponsorships or airtime on national TV. Students ought to watch their language, but O’Neill isn’t the best spokesman for the re-education program – his colorful commentary is often audible well into the upper concourse of McKale center. The last thing the UA men’s basketball team needs is morality police in a rowdy student section – especially when referees already have the power to give a technical foul if fans get out of hand. For fearmongering over the F-word O’Neill, Arizona Athletics and Zona Zoo deserve a big fat ‘F’ – for, well, you know.

    Deficit? What deficit?

    According to the latest projections from state officials, unless Arizona lawmakers take action to balance the state budget as soon as possible, the state could face a $1.15 billion deficit by the end of the fiscal year on June 30. Fortunately, the Arizona Legislature is hard at work – on just about everything besides decreasing the massive deficit. Legislators have introduced a bill to prohibit Arizonans from marrying illegal aliens and a measure to ban drivers text messaging on the road. There’s the infamous idea of allowing concealed-carry handguns in public schools, a proposal to allow students to express “”viewpoints”” instead of facts in science class and one requiring the state to divest investment from companies that do business with Sudan (if there’s any investment left to do after paying down the epic deficit). There’s even an utterly boneheaded bill to give a massive handout for a rock ‘n’ roll themed amusement park in Eloy, Ariz. This is the sort of thing we’re used to from a legislature that doesn’t need to do any real governing – but this year, the state is facing a serious fiscal crisis that could soon impact the UA. For wasting the time of voters and taxpayers, the Arizona Legislature gets a Fail.

    Strike out on Capitol Hill

    On Wednesday, several Congressional lawmakers sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey requesting that the Department of Justice probe into whether or not baseball pitcher Roger Clemens lied in his testimony before Congress a few weeks ago. This, keep in mind, is the same Mukasey whose department is responsible for the prosecution of several suspected terrorists who were held at Guantanamo Bay. Congress, however, thinks that can wait, along with the many bills that have yet to be considered or put to vote. Condemning Clemens is clearly more important. What does Congress hope to prove? That evil Roger Clemens is a bald-faced liar who ruined the integrity of America’s pastime? Oddly enough, the Constitution does not list “”preserving the integrity of baseball”” under Congress’s enumerated powers. Perhaps, rather than focusing on political charades, the members should get back to those duties that are enumerated. For demonstrating a new low in political ineptitude, Congress has earned a complete Fail.

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