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    “On the spot: Corin Schowalter, Soil and Water Sciences Graduate Student”

    Let’s talk inventions. What is your favorite invention?

    The Tesla, the electric car that’s made by Google, or the guys that created Google. And, instead of being really nerdy, like the nerdo mobile, making granola hippies look even nerdier in those ugly-looking hybrids, the Tesla is really sporty and cool. You should look it up. It can even come in a convertible. I want one.

    How much does a Tesla cost?

    I don’t know. More than I have right now. But, I’m hoping that my husband will buy me one. I’m getting married on Saturday. So, maybe my husband will buy me one. (laughs)

    That’s a pretty good wedding present.

    Yeah. Oh, and everyone should look up (Nikola) Tesla. He was, like, a mad scientist.

    I’ll be sure to do that. What’s something that still needs to be invented?

    Does it have to be something that’s actually realistic?

    Not at all.

    So, my water bottle is always empty, and I wish it would just fill itself.

    Kind of like those dog dishes that look like mini water coolers?

    Yeah. Or, I guess I could just carry a Camel Pack in my backpack. But, I carry a briefcase.

    Hold up. You carry a briefcase? That’s pretty stylish for a college student. Is it like a black leather one with your name engraved in the handle?

    Yeah, it is. I got it yesterday, and it’s a hand-me-down.

    Nice. Any other inventions you’d like to ask the world inventors for before I leave you alone?

    Uh, yeah. You know those shoes with pumps, like LA Gear pumps? Well, I wish that I could have a coat that I could just pump up if I got cold.

    They have that in “”Back the Future II.””


    Kind of. When Marty gets wet, he pushes the button on his jacket, and it instantly dries.

    Oh, I can’t remember. I think that’s the one that I’ve seen the least.

    Well, you should check it out. They have some pretty awesome inventions in that.

    Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

    Sure. During the wedding reception.


    ­— Katie Gault

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