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    OPINION: Highlighting some of the best aspects of Tucson
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    Whether you’re a native or newbie, there is a lot to love about Tucson. From beautiful landscapes to delicious food to a vibrant downtown scene, there’s something for everyone to discover in this city.

    As a welcome students to the university, our editors shared their favorite thing about the city surrounding the University of Arizona.

    Amit Syal:

    My favorite parts of Tucson are the tight-knit community and the culture centered around the UA. Even off campus, the culture in Tucson revolves around the university, and a stroll down Fourth Avenue or University Boulevard will make you proud to be a Wildcat for life.

    Ella McCarville:

    Tucson is a simultaneously a small and a big city — not too big to feel lost but not too small to feel constricted. You can always discover something or somewhere new too, especially when it comes to food. Tucson isn’t a UNESCO City of Gastronomy for nothing!

    Priya Jandu:

    There’s always something to do in Tucson. If there isn’t a festival downtown or a game on campus, there’s still plenty in the city to explore. If you get tired of the city, Mount Lemmon is the perfect place to relax and unplug, and it’s not too far of a drive from campus. 

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    Sam Burdette:

    I have lived in Tucson all my life, but still it never ceases to surprise me. However, I think my favorite thing about the city is our vibrant monsoon season. Sunsets during a rainstorm in the desert are truly a beautiful thing to experience. Even though the road flooding gets annoying (I mean, seriously, you could kayak down Speedway during a good thunderstorm), it’s worth the fresh smell of creosote after a good downpour.

    Jake Toole:

    As someone who loves nature and animals, Tucson is one of the coolest places to live. There is nowhere quite like the Sonoran Desert where you can go on a hike and run into a pack of javelinas. They are seriously the hardest animal to explain to anyone outside of Arizona.

    Jay Walker

    Tucson is a beautiful — albeit spiky — place to live. From the surrounding mountains to the down-to-earth design of the city to the murals scattered throughout, there is always something breathtaking to see. Exploring the city never gets old because of how much beauty is embedded into Tucson.  

    Pascal Albright:

    Tucson is an oasis of warm winds, vibrant communities and, every so often, a rain storm. This desert town, built around a university environment, has such a rich culture that it can stand alone when compared to the rest of the state. The weather is great year-round and Tucsonans are quite a friendly bunch. The liveliness of the town brings an endless light brighter than the sun, which during the summer months can bring intense heat, but we still love it for what it is. The saguaro cactus symbolizes this town best — an everlasting wave of welcome. 

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    Selena Kuikahi: 

    Whether it’s a concert at the Rialto or a foggy techno show, the Museum of Contemporary Art or a flash gallery, Tucson’s art scene is constantly growing and evolving. The creative work here is raw, innovative and always being showcased. Take the time to walk through an exhibition downtown or catch a local D.J.’s set — the best way to get to know Tucson is to immerse yourself in what it creates. 

    Jacob Mennuti:

    My favorite thing about Tucson is Hi Corbett Field. Yes, that’s a bit biased coming from the sports editor, but there really isn’t a better place to be a spring evening. The sun sets perfectly behind the right-center field wall and paints the entire sky with the most unique colors, creating the perfect backdrop for a baseball game.

    Elijah Bia:

    My favorite thing about Tucson is the overall aesthetic found throughout the city. As a photographer, there are so many different textures and colors that can help you create stunning photos guaranteed to get a reaction from friends and family. In my opinion, Tucson also has the most unique and stunning landscapes, including the world’s best sunsets.

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