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    Police Beat

    Intrigued tunnel team cited for trespassing

    Five men were warned for trespassing on April 21 at 3:08 a.m.

    While on patrol on East First Street, an officer noticed two men standing in the middle of the 900 block of Highland Avenue. One of the men bent over and picked up a water bottle that was on the ground. The officer decided to stop and watch. He then put his spotlight on the area. The officer saw a third man join the group. He had just exited a manhole that lead to a utility tunnel.

    The officer got out of his car and began to walk towards the men. As he did this, two other men exited the manhole.

    The officer made contact with the five men. They told him that they were just exploring because some alumni had told them about the tunnel system and it made them curious. The men told the officer that they tied a rope to the manhole cover and used the weight of the cover as an anchor while they explored. The officer explained the danger of going into the tunnel system and how there could be a perception of criminal activity.

    Police called in a technician to make sure that no damage was done in the tunnel. He said he did not find any signs of unlawful activity.

    The officer told the men that they were being flagged in the system for trespassing and if they were found in the tunnel system again they would be subject to arrest and referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    Students busted with marijuana in dorm

    Two men were arrested for drug charges on April 22 at 11:04 p.m.

    Police responded to the Gila dorm in reference to the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When they arrived, they met with the resident assistant on duty who said that he could smell the odor in one of the hallways. The RA took officers to the area where he smelt the odor.

    The officer knocked on the door of the room he believed it was coming from and made contact with a man. The man allowed officer to enter the room. They noted that the odor of marijuana was strong inside the room. There was another man in the room as well.

    Police told the men why they were there. Both men admitted to smoking marijuana earlier, but said that it was not in their room. When asked if there was any marijuana in the room, one of the men said yes and went to his dresser drawer where he removed a blue plastic medicine bottle from the top drawer. He handed the bottle to the officer who opened it and noted that it was three-quarters of the way full of a green, leafy substance that smelt of marijuana.

    The men admitted that approximately a half hour before they had met up with a couple of friends at the friends’ house. While there, they smoked marijuana in joints and in a pipe. They could not recall the person’s name whose house they went to or where it was located. They insisted that they did not smoke in the dorm room but admitted that the marijuana in the bottle was both of theirs. The men said he got the marijuana from an unknown man for $180.

    One of the men also told the officer that he had an 18 inch glass bong under his bed. He pulled it our and gave it to officers. The men said they had no other contraband in the room.

    Both men were charged with possession of marijuana. One of them was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. They were referred to the Dean of Students Office and released on scene.

    Police witnesses student criminally litter

    A man was diverted to the Dean of Students Office for criminal littering on April 23 at 2:07 p.m.

    While on patrol traveling west on East Speedway Boulevard through the intersection on North Mountain Avenue, an officer observed two men walking on the east side of the James E. Rogers College of Law building.

    The officer saw one of the two men throw a glass bottle with his right hand towards the building, where it shattered.

    The officer made contact with the man who said that he was sorry, but his hand “” was getting sweaty from carrying the bottle”” and he did not want to carry it anymore. When the officer told the man that he was being diverted to the Dean of Students Office for criminal littering he said that he would “”rather pay the fine”” because he was not in good academic standing. The officer told him that he would have to wait to be contacted by the Dean’s office. The man was released on scene.

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