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    “On The Spot: Hannah Maynard, pre-physiology sophomore”

    You look really stressed out, what is going on?

    I have a practical in an hour and twenty minutes.

    How are you feeling about that?

    I’m kind of okay.

    How long have you been studying for this little practical?

    Two and half hours.

    OK, so since you are a physiology major, I feel that this question is very appropriate to ask you. How do you feel about medical marijuana because it’s being put on all the bills, and as a physio major I am just wondering your take on it?

    Hmm, I actually have a good friend’s mom who had cancer and she used it and it made her feel a lot better, obviously, and I think that in certain circumstances it is acceptable.

    So you do feel like it has some positive outcomes, for people that really need it?

    100 percent agree

    But do you think, being on a college campus, that a lot of kids are going to abuse those medical privileges if it does become legal?

    I mean, yes, but I feel like it is already a situation being dealt with on campus, so I think that because it is, it is not going to intensify that much.

    Give us a couple songs from your studying playlist.

    I was just listening to The Cab and Kanye West.


    No actually, “”The Coldest Winter”” from 808 and Heartbreak. I was also listening to Shakira “”Walka Walka.””

    So quite a variety of songs you use to sort of motivate/inspire your studying.

    Well, I usually just end up dancing.

    How do you feel about people texting on their bikes? Personally, I have been close to being hit by students texting on their bikes, so…?

    I think that it should be outlawed. I think that if you get caught you should be cited for obstruction of pedestrians.

    Pedestrian Justice?

    (laughs) Interference with the justice of pedestrians and their legal rights of walking.

    Girl, you should seriously join ASUA because this is a huge problem that needs fixing on this campus.

    I’ll get right on that.

    OK, so to wrap this up, what is the first thing you are going to do to reward yourself after you get an A on that practical?

    Study for my biology test tomorrow.

    I cannot wait to see you working with people all over the world that need your medical help because some deserve it and others don’t.

    I mean, I am going to be the best … in the world.

    — Caroline Nachazel


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