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    “On the spot: Sean Ellis, Accounting sophomore”

    If you could meet and hang out for a week with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

    I’m taking a lot of race classes, so I think I would have to probably pick Malcolm X.

    Why Malcolm X?

    I’ve always wanted to know more about him. I’m trying to read his book right now.

    Which book?

    I forget the name of it, the autobiography one (“”The Autobiography of Malcolm X””). I’m trying to read that. It’s pretty hard to read right now ‘cause of school and everything. I haven’t had time for it and it’s like an extracurricular activity.

    What would you do with him for that week?

    Go out to eat. Party. (Laughs)

    Do you think he’s a partier?

    I think he would be a partier. I think he would be.

    Do you think he would show some of the people at the fraternities …

    He would show them what’s up. (Laughs) That’s all you need to know.

    How do you think he would feel about the U.S. today?

    He wouldn’t like it, because of how racism is still prevalent in today’s society and how he could still see it and how he worked hard so that it would be eradicated, along with Martin Luther King Jr. But I mean, it’s worse now than it was back then. Schools are still segregated, like actually more segregated than probably before.

    How do you think he would react to the fact that we have our first black president?

    He would probably like it, but then again he would always have his concerns about how it’s not really a big step because it’s only one person, even though we’ve had many people try to become president, like people of color try to become president of the United States and have failed, whereas one person has (been elected). I mean, we’ll give him the glory that he did do it, but it’s not much progress if you think about it.

    How do you think Malcolm would feel about all of the social media stuff like Facebook and Twitter? Do you think he would have a Facebook profile?

    (Laughs). I think he would have a Facebook, but I don’t know if it would be like our Facebook, like a college Facebook, it’d be more like a business Facebook — setting up events and stuff like that.

    Do you think he’d actually be more successful with that sort of thing?

    Probably, ‘cause now everyone has a Facebook. Either everyone has a Twitter or something. MySpace is out, but he might have that too, I don’t know. (Laughs)

    I mainly use MySpace to check out bands.

    That’s what I’m saying. That’s made for music.

    Would you take Malcolm to any of the sporting events here?

    Probably, yeah. Football here, for sure. (Laughs) He could come pregame with us.

    — Steven Kwan

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