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    “On the Spot: Ali Hayes, psychology sophomore”

    What is your worst habit in life?

    Probably procrastinating because I procrastinate everything and wait till the last minute to do everything. It’s a problem.

    If someone were to tell you that for every time you procrastinated you lose a body part, what would happen?

    I’d be really scared for my life and probably think of things so I wouldn’t procrastinate anymore, but yeah, I’d be really scared for my life and probably wouldn’t have any fingers left.

    What’s the worst assignment you’ve ever procrastinated?

    Probably studying for a test, probably Spanish because I was just like, “”Oh I’ll do it later.”” Then I left it for the night before, then the hour before.


    What are you doing today here in the (UofA) Bookstore?

    Looking at the clothes that I wish I could but, and get Starbucks.

    Best way to save money in college?

    Not bringing my debit card anywhere with me and try to find a job.

    What is the number one purchase you find yourself to be making these days?

    Clothes, and clothes.

    Edward Scissorhands or Saw, who would you marry and who would you kill?

    Marry Edward for sure. He has a soft side.

    Wouldn’t you rather marry Edward Cullen?

    Well, you didn’t give me him as an option but no I hate Edward, I need a tan man. I would rather have scissor-hand babies than vampire babies.

    If you could travel back to one year of your life which year would you go to?

    Actually, probably freshmen year of college. Rushing was so crazy and meeting all my best friends, except I want to do it over again because now I know who my friends are and which guys not to give attention to.

    Did you have a lot of boy drama freshmen year?

    No, college has proven to be generally drama free but a lot of guys are just really stupid and really drunk, and a lot of girls are too. (Laughs)

    Well said. Are you more excited for the upcoming Usher concert or Harry Potter premiere?

    Wow, two of my favorite things, but Usher for sure. I mean, I haven’t gotten tickets yet but I am dedicating the entire week to him.


    I am only going to listen to Usher the entire week prior to the concert just to you know, show some love to my man.

    “”Confessions,”” “”Burn,”” “”Yeah””?

    Oh, you can’t forget “”Caught Up”” and “”My Boo,”” but yeah, Usher on repeat all week long.

    Caroline Nachazel  


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