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    Fast Facts

    The first rap record was “”Rapper’s Delight”” in 1979 by the Sugarhill Gang.

    The first music video to be played on MTV was “”Video Killed the Radio Star”” by the Buggles in 1981.

    According to recent research, the song that’s most frequently stuck in peoples’ heads is: “”Who Let the Dogs Out.””

    The biggest selling single of all time is “”Candle in the Wind”” by Elton John.

    The average movie ticket price in the U.S. is $6.88, the city place with the highest price is London at $19 and lowest is India with 20 cents.

    The movie with the most midgets in a single film is “”The Wizard of Oz”” with 124.
    There is $733 billion of U.S. paper currency circulating around the globe.

    Moscow is the city with the most billionaires. San Francisco has the most millionaires.

    Michael Jackson allegedly spends $2 million a month.

    Michael Jackson paid $150,000 to a witch doctor in 2000 to put a curse on Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, which involved a sacrifice of 42 cows.

    Chewing gum reportedly improves your memory by 35 percent.

    The first professional sports mascot was the San Diego Padres chicken in 1974.

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