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    Change Middle East policy

    This is an article from a loving 1985 UA Alumnus. It is about a sincere call for a change in the American Foreign Policy in the Middle East. No one disputes the fact that the United States of America is a great nation and so is its people. Democracy governs freely and justice rules successfully, but locally! The same does not apply when it comes to the foreign policy! Anyone with little vision on international politics cannot miss it; it is centered on the theme: “”ends justify the means””! This contradicts the well-known guiding principle of: “”justice must prevail”” which we keep hearing from the respected American leaders. Accordingly, I call on the Daily Wildcat readers to take the initiative by planting the seed of peace through spreading the desire for change in the foreign policy to ensure that “”justice rules”” internationally, too. The current policy, as we all see it, sacrifices innocent lives, both American servicemen, women and non-American civilians, for the sake of oil, while oil can be shipped safely and reasonably from the Middle East with little modification in the “”tools”” for obtaining it!

    I am referring particularly to the way the American handles the long-lasting problem in Palestine. The mainstream media does not reflect the true story of what goes on there, thereby, instigating the public in the countries of the region on the Americans who, in their eyes, support oppression and injustice: not the true image! The native inhabitants of historical Palestine (Jews and Arabs alike) must be helped justly to live together peacefully. Jews who migrated from all over the world should not be settled in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs who were displaced forcefully to various locations and countries. This change, if it takes place, will drastically and positively improve the “”American image”” in the world in general and in the oil-rich Middle East in specific.

    Ibrahim Al-Ismail
    Saudi Arabia

    Opinions should be based on fact

    I am a fellow journalist, though just starting out in my major. I may still be learning the “”ropes”” so to speak, but I know when a reporter is being “”fair and balanced”” or just being downright biased. This paper is downright biased. First off the opinion piece “”Obama VP pick drives more nails into McCain’s coffin”” by Matt Wavrin was not only biased but completely inaccurate. Yes, it was an opinion piece, but opinions are based on facts, or at least they should be.

    Secondly, Tim Bee was down here on campus Tuesday night. Why wasn’t there an article about him on the front page of the Wildcat?

    I have other examples of your bias but don’t have the time or the space to go through them. If you want this newspaper to go anywhere, you’ll consider my letter.

    Lily Winchester
    Journalism junior

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