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    The lucky 7 apps that will save you your freshman year

    Savannah Douglas / The Daily Wil
    Savannah Douglas / The Daily Wildcat Yabber is a new app that allows roommates to communicate about money spent on bills and groceries as well as their location. This allows roommates to stay in contact and manage finances.

    Incoming students, prepare to be faced with mapping out the logistics of your college experience, which includes figuring out what apps are essential to you. Throughout your first year at university, you’ll learn a bit more about what you absolutely need and what can be deleted from your phone, but it’s always nice to start on some sort of foundation. Below, we’ve listed a few of the apps necessary for all University of Arizona students that ensure the safety, convenience and ease of your time here:

    1. Arizona Mobile

    This app is a lifesaver, especially for students coming in from out of state or who have never been around the UA campus before. You can use Arizona Mobile all freshman year to find out where the buildings for your classes were so you don’t get lost. It also links the user to news updates about campus, all things related to academics, a list of places on campus where students can eat and everything else even remotely related to the UA or its campus. This app is everything an incoming student needs.

    2. TapRide

    The Associated Student of the University of Arizona, UA’s undergraduate student government body, offers a service called SafeRide at the University of Arizona, where students can request a free ride for up to four students at a time to go anywhere within their listed boundaries. This app allows users to make online requests for a ride instead of having to call and wait through all the pre-recorded messages and instructions, which takes fairly long. Definitely a game-changer.

    3. Tapingo

    Hungry on your way across campus but don’t want to have to wait in long lines to get some food? That’s where Tapingo comes in handy. With this app, you can select to pick-up your food or get it delivered right to your dorm (or wherever you are). It saves wait-time or walk-time, depending on the mood you’re in, and works for all campus restaurants as well as some off-campus locations, the amount of which seems to grow every semester.

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    4. LiveSafe

    This app is easily one of the best safety apps for any UA student. Not only does it give students direct access to a safety map, emergency phone contacts and the UA Police Department, it also allows students to report non-emergency tips such as suspicious activity, theft or a disturbance. The app also allows users to perform in SafeWalk, where you track a friend to make sure they get home safely on their walk and vice versa. Like TapRide, it also gives students access to SafeRide services. The amenities of this app go on and on, so you’ll need to download it to see it all in action.

    5. Venmo

    Just like a first level parking spot or an empty study room during finals week, a college student that doesn’t have Venmo is hard to find. This app allows for easy, digital payments to your friends or anyone else you come across. Buy Girl Scout cookies on the spot, get a ticket for a Greek Life philanthropy event or pay your roommate back for the groceries they picked up for you in mere seconds. If you don’t have Venmo already, you’re going to want to get it soon.

    6. Gmail

    Although this app isn’t as cool or unique as some of the others listed, it will be a necessity for staying up to date on all of your classes. Teachers send out emails relating to class information all the time. You don’t want to miss an assignment or show up to a cancelled class because you didn’t see your email, do you? Gmail is how tons of information at UA gets sent out, so download the app and make sure your notifications are on.

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    7. GroupMe 

    You may be thinking, ‘Why do I need an app that does exactly what my phone was built to do: group text?’ GroupMe is not as frequently used as some of the apps above, but it does have its moments. In Greek Life, GroupMe is often used to create huge chats between sororities and fraternities to discuss all kinds of upcoming events. It also is useful in the classroom setting, when that one, brave student starts a GroupMe so you can all ask each other the questions you don’t want to ask aloud in class. Thank you, brave student.

    These apps will help you find your bearings during your first year at UA and will allow you to not feel so lost or nervous from the jump. Most UA students will tell you that at least one of these apps has been a big help during their time in college. So, start off on the right foot and look into these apps before your first day of class.

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