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    Meet the Fall 2007 Wildcat Opinions Desk

    Introducing the fall 2007 Wildcat columnists – 14 opinionated students guaranteed to write insightful analysis, compose cutting commentary and stir up a touch of controversy once in a while. Want to give us a piece of your mind? Don’t just shake your fist and mutter vague threats under your breath. Send in a letter to the editor at or drop us a comment online at

    Sarah Devlin is a sophomore majoring in English and political science . Although this is her first year writing for the Wildcat, she has spent many an obnoxious
    hour criticizing her high school’s journalistic offerings. In addition to politics, feminism and coffee, she enjoys embarrassing music and watching the worst movies ever made. Her greatest ambition is to marry Kevin Bacon, but she would also settle for being the subject of a rant on “”The O’Reilly Factor.”” Her columns will appear Mondays.

    Justyn Dillingham is a senior majoring in history and political science . He enjoys rainy Tucson mornings, Icees, long novels set in readable type, citrus fruit, Vince Guaraldi soundtracks and soggy English breakfasts. In 10 years, he hopes to be tramping through a rainforest in Brazil in search of the missing footage from Orson Welles’s “”The Magnifi cent Ambersons.”” His columns will appear Tuesdays.

    Allison Dumka is a senior majoring in political science, Spanish and women’s studies. She loves coffee, cigarettes and vintage clothes. She will be writing about politics, pop culture and gender. Her columns will appear Wednesdays.

    Alex Gutierrez is a senior majoring in ecology and political science. He plans on being a professional student but will never be as cool as Van Wilder. He recently had the realization that when he’s finally done with his studies, it will be time for his 10-year high school reunion. After almost being crushed by a tree on Mt. Lemmon, Alex decided to devote his life to teaching people to listen to gale-force warnings. He is looking forward to his first semester as an opinions columnist. His columns will appear Mondays.

    Alyson Hill is a perpetual senior majoring in classics, German studies and history. To cope with the devastating news that she was not born in 1884, but rather 1984, she listens almost exclusively to early 0th-century jazz and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid ending sentences in prepositions. Two summers ago, she visited every country that contains Alps, confirming that their hills are, in fact, alive with the sound of music. Her passions include the environment, feminism, and afternoon tea. Her columns will appear

    Christina Jelly is a senior majoring in art history, biochemistry, economics and philosophy. Having just returned from six months of volunteering in Africa, Christina hopes to enjoy a malaria- and dengue fever free senior year. She grew up in Heidelberg, Germany and thus is fond of soccer, weizenbier and universal health care. Her other interests include travel, the outdoors, debate, cold weather and scalding hot coffee. Her columns will appear Thursdays.

    Taylor Kessinger has the most gorgeous, beautiful hair you will ever see on a man. Seriously. A junior majoring in math, philosophy and physics, he has the remarkable ability to confuse and baffle you from three different angles and in three different languages. He enjoys Kant, narcissism and feigning outrage whenever someone misinterprets quantum mechanics or relativity. If his columns do not drive you into a frothing, rabid anger at least once this semester, he will regard it as a failure. His columns will appear Fridays.

    Evan Lisull is a sophomore majoring in economics and political science. He spent this summer at a political internship in Montana, where he spent his time analyzing legislation and shoveling horse manure. An avid sports fan originally from Ann Arbor, Mich ., he manages to follow both the Wildcats and his hometown Wolverines. He also enjoys Saab automobiles, collecting offbeat quotes from important figures and the seventh-inning stretch. His columns will appear Fridays.

    Connor Mendenhall is a sophomore majoring in economics and international studies. He recently returned from a trip to eastern Europe, where he played air guitar perched atop a ruined Transylvanian castle in what may have been the most epic moment of his life. He enjoys geopolitical strategy, fervent debate and geeking out over changes in the federal funds rate. He is excited to begin his first semester as opinions editor.

    Eric Moll may be a little bit crazy. A sophomore majoring in creative writing and environmental science, he’s new to this journalism thing, but his primary influences are David Sedaris, Bob Dylan and Terry Pratchett. He enjoys “”The Simpsons,”” “”Arrested Development “” and short walks on the beach. His columns will appear Mondays.

    Lauren Myers is a sophomore majoring in math and microbiology . Despite her declared intention of becoming a research scientist, she has long harbored a secret and incurable desire to be a writer. A Tucson native, Lauren is also a lover of photography and gelato. She can usually be found writing about global health inequalities, spending long hours in the lab ,wasting time on the internet or backing into lowgrowing cacti in her car. Her columns will appear Tuesdays.

    Eric Reichenbacher, a senior majoring in economics and international studies , is the proudest member of the class of 2008. Aside from trying to stay afl oat in an alphabet soup of duties (ISSA VP, ISCC, INTS Preceptor and AMUN USG), Eric relishes in international travel, quoting his favorite novel, “”A Confederacy of Dunces,”” bumping the beautifully crafted verses of Talib Kweli and shredding the dance floor. He strives to become a diplomat, or to find any position in which his opinions actually matter. His columns will appear Thursdays.

    Matt Rolland is a junior majoring in economics and international studies. Returning from an internship at the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington D.C., Rolland is looking forward to a semester without the words “”reporting,”” “”fi ling”” or “”distribution protocol.”” With a keen interest in finding forests in the midst of trees, Rolland enjoys mud-raking,international issues, the Socratic Method and sharing his curiosity in the peculiar. Rolland can often be found fiddling on the streets of Tucson and also serves as the director of the new international Studies Colloquium. His columns will appear Wednesdays.

    Jeremiah Simmons, easily mistaken for the bearded lady, lords over the College of Public Health as a second-year graduate student. Like any good Capricorn, he has a penchant for deep thought, sales bins, and a desire to look smooth, polished and elegant, but hatred of working at it. His columns will appear Fridays.

    Chelsea Jo Simpson is a junior majoring in journalism and Spanish. She is an overly involved individual from Cave Creek. Simpson is an avid scrapbooker with a small-car fetish. She’s the Daily Wildcat’s token greek, and her best friend is her dayplanner, Franklin. Simpson can be seen around campus on her pink and brown beach cruiser, for which she should probably have training wheels. Wave if you see her. Her columns will appear Thursdays.

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