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    From “ASUA to launch campaign supporting stable tuition” (by Meghan Fernandez, Feb. 13)

    I agree completely with Abraham about the need for containing tuition increases. As a contingent faculty member potentially affected by any freeze in streams of funding, I hope Mr. [Morgan] Abraham will check the legal public records easily accessible to any citizen and ask those with knowledge of exactly what this kind of freeze will mean. Where, for example, will the deficit from a tuition freeze be made up — specifically? Are those supporting Mr. Abraham willing to live without certain luxuries to make this work? I encourage everyone at the UA to check the salaries of all their professors. Ask yourselves whether you are willing to reduce the paycheck of your favorite teacher, a teacher who likely, if you are paying out of state tuition, makes less per year than you pay for a year’s worth of classes? Demand cuts not come out of their incomes. Specify areas where cuts should be made. Where is the bloat? Because there will be cuts. Any proposals Abraham may formally make need to be fully informed. The more support he receives from UA stakeholders, the more likely this might work.
    —Ben Quick

    Go Mr. Abraham!
    I believe inflated tuition, as UA now has, will be the demise of universities as we know them. It is the single most important reason my support for my alma mater will remain trivial in $$$. We have “lost our way in higher ed’ by paving the halls with gold instead of focusing on education.
    By the way, I “served” on the Student Senate in the ’60s and those are the same stiff backed chairs! Where is the money going anyway?
    —60s Wildcat

    From “Wildcats are prepared for a possibly wet valentine” (by Luke Della, Feb. 12)

    Unfortunately for the state of Arizona this rivalry game may be overshadowed by the actions of a rude ASU student. The spitting incident that made national news and gave a “black eye,” to the Territorial Cup Basketball game will certainly be the talk surrounding the game. Hopefully, most people will not make the unfortunate mistake of confusing classy UA fans with the ASU fans. Last week’s incident is merely one of many reasons that separate these two schools, and Peter Griffin from “Family Guy,” made a joke about “getting into ASU with a note from your mom.” Bear Down!
    — Moon Luten

    OK, so the spitting was very unfortunate and classless. That being said the incident was proceeded by a Oregon player stalking in front of the student section. He said ”I was trying to walk off a injury” I have season tickets in front of the visitors bench, he could have went the other direction and not interacted with the fan base at all. Even that said; he proceeded to taunt and throw fake elbows at the student section. If that had happened at the zoo, what do you think would have happened? So that being said don’t grade all ASU fans on one student. By the way, I was harassed at your football stadium, called names, and threatened, as well as my wife, so take the high and mighty attitude and stow it… Kisses.
    — Peter Nerat

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