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    Static-X to cannibalize Rialto Theatre Tuesday

    Static-X will be performing at the Rialto Theatre April 3 with fellow hard rockers Otep, 2Cents and SiOP. We recently caught up with Wayne Static, Static-X’s vocalist and guitarist. The industrial band’s latest CD, Cannibal, comes out Tuesday on Warner Brothers Records.

    Wildcat: Is Static your real last name?

    Static: Well, it’s the name I go by. It’s not on my driver’s license.

    W: Is it difficult to be a mainstream band with the constantly changing trends?

    S: Well I wouldn’t consider us a mainstream band for one, so I don’t think we really have to subscribe to any trends. We kind of just do our thing and have our fan base and things just keep rolling for us through all the trends.

    W: Tell me about your new album, Cannibal.

    S: I spent a year writing the record. Basically between tours we’ll have a few weeks off, so over the course of a year I wrote music and spent four months recording it. We actually finished mixing it in November of last year. I write the basic song and the rhythm guitar riffs, very basic guitar riffs, with a drum machine and I present that to the band and everyone adds their own parts and things change here and there.

    W: You’ve had a hit song, “”Push It.”” Is it hard to live up to its fame? Do you constantly have to deal with people requesting it?

    S: At first I felt like I had to and then it took me a couple of albums to realize that “”Push It”” was an anomaly and it hit at the right time when MTV was still playing videos. At this point I don’t feel like I have to live up to anything, I’m just proud that the song did well. It’s absolutely the most popular song with all of our fans and people that don’t even know anything about Static-X know that song. I don’t mind playing it every night on tour.

    W: There are rumors that you are related to Rob Zombie and a member of Powerman 5000. Is that true?

    S: No. That would be Spyder, the singer for Powerman 5000 and Rob Zombie’s brother. He’s often confused with me for some strange reason, but he has blonde hair. People mistake me for him a lot. People come up to me on the street probably once a month and ask me if I’m Spyder from Powerman 5000. I never really quite understood the connection. He’s clean-shaven with blonde hair, he looks like Billy Idol. I don’t quite see it, but apparently I’m missing something. I say “”No, I’m Phil from Pantera.””

    W: Your songs have been on a lot of soundtracks. Why have you participated in a lot of the recordings?

    S: It’s a great way to reach new people and get your music out there.

    W: What is your favorite foreign place to tour?

    S: Australia. I guess the people are really nice there and generally the weather is very warm. I would compare Australia to Los Angeles meets Hawaii. That’s the vibe there, at least in all the Southern cities. It goes off there for sure, we sell out every time we go there and it’s a great time.

    W: What are some of your favorite bands and influences?

    S: Well, there are two different categories for favorite bands. My favorite band I just listen to for music is Journey. They don’t have much to do with the music that I write. There are a few bands that I really get inspired by, as far as writing. No. 1 would be Ministry. No. 2 would be Prong, Pantera, Skinny Puppy, Killing Joke. When I listen to them it makes me want to write.

    W: Do you have any pets?

    S: Yeah, my house is pretty much a zoo. I live with my girlfriend. I have two dogs and five cats. It just kind of happens that way. We got the dogs together; they’re German shepherds from the same litter. You know; you just get a cat here, a cat there. There’s an alley cat that lives on our porch. Cats just kind of show up and you start feeding them and before you know it they’re yours.

    W: When you’re screaming onstage, what goes through your mind?

    S: I guess a lot of what’s going through my mind is just looking at the fans and enjoying the experience with them and then on top of that just monitoring my voice to make sure that I’m hitting everything and not overextending myself. When you’re on tour, you really have to pace yourself. You can’t afford to blow out your voice.

    W: Have you ever gotten sick while on tour?

    S: Oh yes. You just go on and play anyway. I take a lot of herbal supplements on tour to really stay healthy. Only one time have I really gotten so sick that I couldn’t sing. We went on anyway and Tony just sang most of the songs. I don’t believe in canceling shows unless you’re near death.

    W: Anything else you’d like to add?

    S: We can’t wait to come back to Arizona, it’s always a good time and I’m really proud of the new record. I know everyone’s going to love it so I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

    W: Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

    S: Old enough to know better.

    W: What makes you angriest?

    S: There are a lot of things that make me angry but not really. Maybe taxes. That really pisses me off, especially this time of year.

    W: What makes you happiest?

    S: Probably going out to the desert, getting away from it all and four-wheeling.

    W: Do you see a red door and want it painted black?

    S: I don’t care what color the door is, makes no difference to me.

    W: Do you go to therapy?

    S: Uh, no, I do not. Although I did when I was younger.

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