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    Your sports authorities

    This is my 35th semester at the Wildcat, including 20th as an editor. Or at least it only seems like I’m the Julio Franco of the desk. I’ll be using my experience covering the D-backs for this summer as the beat reporter for the Arizona men’s basketball team, with a couple columns mixed in.

    -Michael Schwartz
    men’s basketball

    This is my fourth semester working for the Arizona Daily Sports Wildcat. Yes, that’s right, the Sports Wildcat. By the time my tenure is done at this newspaper, sports will always be on the front page, news in the back. Last year when I interviewed former Wildcat Trevor Hoffman in the Padres locker room, outfielder Brian Giles introduced himself to me – naked.

    -Mike Ritter

    I frequently look in the mirror and question how God could make something that beautiful. The word “”baller”” comes out of my mouth 10-15 times an hour. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I have the most beautiful and amazing girlfriend ever.

    -Ari Wasserman

    I love sports, and I love writing about sports. I love interviewing athletes that the public drools over and reporting news about them. I love being able to say to a circulation of about 17,000 that I’m happy Michael Vick is going to jail! I wouldn’t trade my job with anyone. Except for maybe Hugh Hefner.

    -Lance Madden

    Why do I love sports? Let me count the ways – I love sports because it gives you an excuse to get drunk before noon on a Saturday. I love sports because NASCAR is not a sport. I love sports because every year is a new year, no matter how much your team sucks. Life is too serious. Sometimes you just need to watch a game to keep yourself sane.

    -Cameron Jones
    International (Chile)

    Aside from my duties as a sports reporter, I am an engineering student. So in every article I write, try to find the word that none of you will probably know nor understand. Just joking; that is too much work.

    -Bobby Stover

    Betraying the photo accompanying this blurb, I’m a nice guy. As your faithful club correspondent I will cover everything from rugby to soccer to squash. The first sporting event I ever attended was a Kansas City Royals home game some 16 years ago, and they won. I’m not a baseball expert, but I think that might be the last game they ever won.

    -Alex Dalenberg
    club sports

    This past semester, I worked for the news section of the Wildcat, and I hope to build on that experience by covering the Icecats, as well as other sports this semester. After playing five different sports as a kid, this is a great opportunity to stay close to the sports that I love. I am looking forward to covering all stories thrown my way to the best of my ability.

    -Brian Kimball

    I hail from Boston or Beantown as it is affectionately called. After realizing the error in my ways, I transferred here from ASU. I’m a Boston sports fanatic: I love the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins (who play hockey, for those who don’t know) and I’m wicked excited to have the opportunity to cover Arizona athletics for the next few years.

    -Michael Fitzpatrick
    M/W cross country

    As a Massachusetts native, I spent most of my childhood in Fenway Park’s bleachers. Section 41 enlightened me with some of life’s most useful information, like how large A-Rod’s mom is. Life in Trophytown brought many parades to our wicked snowy streets. What brings me out west? Harvard’s softball team wasn’t nearly as good-looking.

    -Bryan Roy
    M/W tennis

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