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Police Beat: November 1

Ooh that smell

A UA student was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in Coronado Residence Hall on Sunday at 1:30 a.m.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the hall when a resident assistant reported smelling marijuana coming from a dorm room.

The officer was escorted to the room where he heard the voices of men and a woman inside.

When the officer knocked on the door, he heard rustling noises coming from inside the room. A few moments later, the student who lived in the room opened the door.

The officer asked if he could enter the room to speak with the student, and the student agreed.

The officer told the student that he had been called because of the strong smell of burnt marijuana, after which the student admitted to having the drug in his room.

He went into the bathroom and produced a multicolored glass pipe, metal grinder with marijuana residue still inside and a filter to mask the scent.

He then walked over to a desk and retrieved a “tightvac” black can with marijuana inside.

The student was cited and released.

A code of conduct was sent to the Dean of Student’s Office on behalf of the student though the other students present were not charged.

A whole lot of weed

A UA student was arrested for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia at Arizona Sonora Residence Hall on Sunday at 1:30 a.m.

A UAPD officer was conducting residence hall checks, and as he was leaving, he could smell marijuana. He walked around to a small, walled-off patio area south of the dorm.

As he walked closer to the area, the smell became stronger. There was only one student sitting in the area.

The officer spoke to the student and asked if he had been smoking marijuana that evening. The student denied it.

The officer noticed the student had red, watery eyes and raised, green taste buds.

When asked to empty his pockets, the student pulled out an empty white grape flavored cigarillo pack.

At that point, the student admitted to having finished a joint right before the officer had turned the corner but the cigarillo package in his pocket just happened to be there.

Additional UAPD officers came to the area to help search the student’s dorm room.

In the search, the officers found rolling papers and two cigarillos packages with marijuana residue on a table. The student referred to the table as his “rolling station.”

Inside of the student’s desk were three large Ziploc bags full of marijuana and a Tupperware container full of marijuana. There were also several empty marijuana containers, a scale and a glass pipe.

The total weight of the marijuana was approximately 386.5 grams. The student was arrested, cited and released at the scene.

A code of conduct form was sent to the Dean of Students Office.

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