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    OPINION: Trump attacks DACA at worst possible time

    Rebecca Noble
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes a speech to an adoring audience during a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016.

    On Easter Sunday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to make one of his famous rants. The targets were DACA, Mexico, Honduras and the Democrats, meaning not an unusual rant. The timing, however, was questionable even by Trump standards.

    Trump began the rant by noting Border Patrol agents are being restrained from doing their jobs properly. He tried to pin this issue on Democrats and went on to say even “more dangerous caravans” will begin to come in now.

    However, the only border and immigration issue that has been a problem in Trump’s presidency has been the unlawful deportations of non-violent immigrants, ripping them from their families. Trump then went on to say there would be no more DACA deal, due to the perceived problems he had just mentioned.

    Is DACA a questionable program? Yes, but for reasons other than the outcome it brings. DACA helps Americans stay in the country they are from, but puts an easy target on the back of their parents. The registry has helped Trump in carrying out his mass deportations. He needs DACA more than he leads the public to believe.

    Trump went on with his rant by saying, “Mexico does not give us their best.” He continued with the fact that Mexico is not helping with the immigration problem or protecting their northern border. This may be a true statement, but Trump may find it hard to believe this is not Mexico’s responsibility. Mexico has strict policies on its southern border and is beginning to place tariffs on those who wish to enter from the United States. This is what Mexico is doing; Mexico is protecting its borders. If Trump wants to “protect” the United States border, he must realize this has to be done by America alone. It’s not Mexico’s problem; it’s America’s problem.

    Many immigrants are employed, and the only thing causing the violence in certain border towns is the drug war. Ending the drug war means ending the violence. But ending the drug war does not look moral to Evangelical GOP supporters, and it does not bring in money to law enforcement and shareholders in the pharmaceutical business. 

    The Democrats do not bring better solutions, at least when you dig down past the surface. Democrats want to bring in more government programs and registries. Bringing in more people equals more votes for Democrats. Programs like DACA bring in enough people to be dependent on the system and support it, just to register them and kick out the generation that refuses to become dependent on government programs (their parents). If one wants real border reform, they will need to look outside the two-party system.

    Trump, a so-called Christian, picked the worst time to go on one of his rants. On the resurrection day of a man who preached love and peace, Trump decided to throw a fit to try and arouse fear in Americans.

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