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    Police Beat

    Burrito theft leads to alcohol charges

    A minor was cited and released to her mother Jan. 24 at 2:18 a.m. for shoplifting and alcohol possession.

    While on patrol in the Highland Market, 525 N. Highland Ave., an officer was approached by a supervisor of the store, saying that a girl had just stolen some items near the burrito-making area of the market.

    The officer made contact with the girl after she walked past the cashier’s register without paying. The officer asked the girl what she put in her purse. She responded, “”They’re just a couple of burritos, sir.”” The officer then asked permission to look inside the girl’s purse to see the burritos; she complied.

    When the officer looked in the purse, he saw five burritos and one 1.75 liter plastic bottle of McCormick vodka.

    The officer asked her why she had stolen the burritos. The girl said, “”I was by the burrito area and I saw the burrito on top of the stand. Some boy then told me to take them, so I grabbed them and put them in my purse.””

    The girl would not tell the officer the identity of the man who had told her to put the burritos in her purse. When asked if she had been threatened or forced into taking the burritos, she said no.

    The officer then asked if she had been drinking that night. She said, “”Yeah, maybe a little.”” She admitted that the bottle of vodka was hers.

    The girl was cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol and shoplifting. Police made contact with the girl’s mother and she was released into her mother’s custody. The bottle of vodka was confiscated and disposed of on-scene.

    Man warned about unwanted calls

    A man was warned against contacting a woman Jan. 26 at 7:50 p.m.

    Police responded to the Coronado Residence Hall in reference to a woman receiving harassing phone calls.

    When they arrived they made contact with a woman who said that on Jan. 22 she had helped a man change his tire near Seventh Street and Fremont Avenue. She gave the man her cell phone number in case he needed any more help. Since then, she told officers that the man has called her over twenty times and sent her several text messages. She asked the man to stop contacting her via text message, but he did not. The man also tried to contact the woman at her workplace, Coronado, and left her messages there. She said she did not tell the man that she worked there and she did not know how he found out.

    The woman said she did not find the messages too threatening, but she wanted them to stop and for him to leave her alone. She said she would press charges if the harassment continued.

    Police made contact with the man via telephone. When the officer introduced himself, the man said he knew why they were calling. The man started to talk about the woman, saying she was a “”stupid girl”” for not listening to him. He also began to talk about how all the colleges and universities were alike, and told the officer that if everyone would listen to him, “”the national debt would be paid off.””

    The officer told the man that the woman did not want him to contact her anymore through email, text messages, voicemail, or phone calls. The man said he understood and called the woman a “”stupid girl”” again. The officer told him that if he attempted to contact the woman again, criminal charges would be brought against him. The man said he understood and then went into what the officer called a “”random tirade”” about the national debt. The officer ended the call with the man at that time.

    The woman was given victim’s rights and was told to contact UAPD if the man attempted to contact her again.

    Police lead crying woman to CAPS

    Police transported a woman to the Counseling and Psychological services Program after she was found face down Jan. 26 at 3:45 p.m.

    Police responded to assist on a call near a grass area on campus where a woman was found lying face down, crying. She identified herself to officers and said that she was having a difficult time because so many things were going wrong in her life. She told them that she had recently been laid off from her job at the Student Union Memorial Center, and was worried because she did not have any money or a job. She also said that she and her roommate were close friends, but they had grown apart lately.

    The woman told officers that she did not want to harm herself, but that she was extremely depressed and wanted to talk to someone. She was worried that the cost of CAPS would cost too much for her.

    Police convinced the woman to go to the CAPS office and see what they could offer her. She agreed and was transported there. An FYI notice was sent to the Dean of Students Office about the situation.

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