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    Police Beat: Aug. 25

    Marijuana smokers in parking garage

    An officer approached a parking structure on campus after receiving a reference from a Police Aide of two suspicious males. The officer saw two men appearing to be admiring the view from the top level of the parking garage. When they saw the patrol vehicle approaching them, they instantly started walking.

    The officer stopped and spoke to the two men, one of whom appeared nervous. He had a freshly lit cigarette in his hand. As the officer checked their identifications, one of the men reached into his pockets, and the officer noticed a crinkling sound, like a plastic baggie.

    He asked the male if there was anything in his pockets, to which he responded just his wallet and keys as he pulled them out. The officer asked the man to turn his pockets inside out. When the man did, there was a bag of marijuana in his right front pocket. The two men were sent to the Dean of Students’ Office.

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

    An officer noticed a car with its driver’s side headlight out. He pulled the vehicle over, and the driver provided him with his registration and the insurance for the vehicle. The man who was driving told the officer he had misplaced his driver’s license. The officer asked for his name.

    The record check did not return any matches for the name. The man then said, “”Okay, I’ll tell you my real name.”” He told the officer a second name with a different date of birth than the first one. The officer ran a records check of that name, and it came back stating he had a history of giving false names to the police.

    The officer confirmed his identification as the second name after the man provided his identification card. The man was arrested for having a suspended license and for false reporting to the police. He was given a citation and released at the scene.

    Student gets a bloody wound from a broken glass window

    An officer went to Skyview Apartments after receiving a reference that a person was bleeding from the leg. Upon arriving, the officer met with the individual who was complaining that a large piece of glass from a window had fallen from above him and made a gash in his leg. There was a lot of blood around the individual and a cut that was at least an inch in length right above his left knee.

    The individual claimed that the people who broke the window were drunk. The officer contacted the residents of the room but found that none of the inhabitants were intoxicated. All of them had negative PBT results and said the broken window was an accident.

    The individual insisted the officer was mistaken. The officer then asked the individial if he had been drinking at all. He replied that he had a few beers. The officer noticed his eyes were red and his speech was slurred. Information about the incident was passed onto another officer, and the man was taken to University Medical Center.

    Weapon mysteriously appears in car

    An officer pulled over a vehicle at an intersection near campus after he saw a driver turn on a red traffic signal. He pulled over the vehicle and had the driver identify himself. The man was not carrying any identification with him, but the officer ran a wants/warrants/driver’s license check for his name.

    The results from the check indicated that the man’s license was suspended and court action was required. The officer advised the man that his vehicle would be impounded by Arizona State Law for a mandatory 30-day period. A search of the man’s car led the officer to find a 9 mm pistol under the front passenger seat.

    The driver had previously denied having any weapons in the vehicle.

    The driver said he had no idea to whom the weapon belonged.

    The officer contacted the driver’s wife, and register owner, via telephone, and she confirmed that the weapon did not belong to either of them. The pistol was placed into UAPD custody as found property. The vehicle was towed and the man received copies of both his citation and impound paperwork.

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