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    Police Beat: April 13

    Why does the drunk girl have a machete?

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol on Thursday at 7:41 p.m. on Speedway Boulevard when he noticed a car swerving in and out lanes.

    The silver Toyota was speeding and having trouble staying inside the street lines before crossing lanes, hitting the side of a Mazda and shattering its side mirror.

    The Toyota continued driving away from the accident and the officer was able to pull the car over at Speedway Boulevard and Euclid Avenue.

    When the officer spoke with the driver, she seemed very disoriented and was unable to find her license. She also had a slight smell of alcohol on her breath, but said she had not been drinking and was on her way to the opera.

    As the officer asked the woman to get out of her car and perform a field sobriety test, the driver of the car that had been hit arrived at the intersection.

    The woman told the officer that she was driving to pick up a friend when she was hit. She pulled the car over after being struck because she was scared, but when she saw the police car follow the Toyota away from the scene, she decided to follow to make sure the officer had her information.

    The officer took photos of the damage done to the car, which included a shattered mirror and significant scratches where the tire scraped the side of her door.

    The victim’s father arrived to the scene and told officers that he worked for an insurance company. He said the damage done to the Mazda was worth at least $2,000.

    The DUI investigation of the woman showed her blood alcohol content to be 0.326. She was arrested for criminal damage in excess of $2,000, failure to stop at vehicle accident, DUI slightest degree, DUI over 0.08 and Extreme DUI above 0.2. She was also issued civil citations for no license in possession, no proof of insurance, speeding and failure to maintain position.

    The woman was transported to and booked into Pima County Jail. The car was towed and impounded.

    During a search of the car a machete was found. The machete and photos were placed into UAPD property.

    Student claims fake ID from lost and found

    A UAPD officer arrived to the Arizona-Sonara Residence Hall on Thursday at 5:33 p.m. after a resident assistant reported that a California driver’s license had been turned into the lost and found.

    The RA told the officer that she recognized the photo on the license as a woman that lived in the dorm.

    The officer took the license and went to the dorm room that the RA said the woman lived in.

    When he got to the room, the officer spoke with a woman that resembled the woman on the California license.

    The woman identified herself with a valid Idaho driver’s license as two years younger than the age on the California license.

    After being read her rights, the woman told the officer that she did not live in California and she got the fake drivers license for her birthday so that she could “”party”” with her 21-year-old brother and some of her older friends.

    She said that she has never used the license in Arizona, but has used it in Idaho.

    The woman was cited and released for possession of fictitious out of state driver’s license.

    The fake license was placed into UAPD evidence as property.

    A Code of Conduct referral was also sent to the Dean of Students.

    Somewhere in evidence sits a roll of TP

    A UAPD officer arrived to the intersection of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard after another officer had stopped two suspicious men in the area on Thursday around 1 a.m.

    The officer stopped the men because they matched the descriptions of two suspects in an assault case.

    One of the men was seen hiding an object behind his back and when the officer asked what he was holding, the man pulled out a large roll of toilet paper.

    When asked where he got the toilet paper from, the man said, “”I stole it from a bathroom in the UA Main Library.””

    After both men were identified, they were no longer considered suspects in the assault case, but the man with the toilet paper was cited and released for theft less than $1,000.

    The officer took photos of the toilet paper and placed them into UAPD property as evidence. It was then returned back to the library.

    Victim’s rights were completed for the UA and both me were warned of trespassing on campus unless they had a reason to be there.

    Tipsy, tired trespasser

    A UAPD officer arrived to the UA Main Library on Thursday at 1:34 a.m. after library employees reported an unwanted man.

    The officer identified the man with a valid social security number. The man said he had no affiliation with the university.

    The man admitted that he had been told several times that he was not allowed in the library after 1 a.m. He also stated that he had several beers at the Buffet bar before getting to the library.

    The officer reported a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

    The library information associate told the officer that in the last month she has spoken three times with the man for staying in the library after 1 a.m.

    The library staff said every time they have seen the man in the library, he has appeared intoxicated and was asleep.

    They saw the man walk directly into the library, go to a desk, crawl underneath it and go to sleep.

    The officer placed the man under arrest for second-degree criminal trespassing. He was transported to and booked into the Pima County Jail.

    The man was also issued a six-month exclusionary order.

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