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    Mail Bag

    Article on ASUA senators unfair

    (Yesterday’s) article by Amanda Morris claiming that Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators are not living up to their promises is unfair. She cites two projects by senators that have not yet had much progress, and three projects that have had success. Of course the Arizona Daily Wildcat chose to focus on the negative rather than the progress that this young senate has already made. As a former ASUA senator, I can testify that it takes time to get your projects rolling, and only a few ASUA senators are allowed to participate in summer government, so for many senators their jobs are basically just starting.

    I believe in freedom of the press, but articles like this are damaging because it is actually reporting more good than bad. However, the headline implies otherwise, and I am sure more students will read the headline rather than the whole article, which will damage ASUA further. ASUA has had a tough last year, and in turn the students have had one too because ASUA as a whole really does try to benefit students. So I encourage the Wildcat to continue to question ASUA. Just do it ethically and intelligently – this article did neither.

    Matt Loehman
    business junior former ASUA senator

    Policing of skateboarders needed too

    I think it is a great effort by UAPD to crack down bike safety. I believe there should be some kind of policing for unsafe skateboaders, too. A couple of unsafe skateboarders have almost run me over on campus. I am not trying to condemn the whole lot, just a few unsafe ones!

    Somu Peri
    computer science graduate student

    Being social cooler than smoking

    Although I do not know the author of “”Be cool: Smoke!”” I certainly have an opinion on his column. He brings up a great point on how smoking is used to be social. Although I do not smoke cigarettes, I understand that the people who do will associate with others with the same interest.

    Cigarettes, just like alcohol and hookah, are used constantly as a way to socialize with other people. The truth is that people are more comfortable with something in their hand, to ease the tension that often comes with people not so familiar. Whether it’s a grit, a 40 or the key to their favorite flavor of tobacco, it helps the pressures of everyday life.

    This author has found himself content with a water bottle at times. Why? Because when I have reached my drinking limit for the evening, not only have I helped myself out by drinking water, but also in certain situations, I saved a few bucks. The funny thing is that many times, the water bottle has worked out better for me than grabbing another beer. However, that, my friends, is not for public consumption! So take a second and think about what a difference it would make if you chose the latter alternative to get you through the night.

    I am not going to preach about all the health hazards of the all the previously named because that is not the direct point of this letter. If you attend this university, you should know that heavy drinking could land you in the hospital and that smoking of any sort is not beneficial to your lungs and your chance of dodging cancer.

    But next time you go to the bar, and you know you’ve had enough, do yourself a favor and grab something a little less threatening than another screwdriver, for example, because drinks like that get named so for a reason at the end of the night! Be social! But be smart! You can stay true to your habits, but just remember that regardless of which ones you embrace, you might be doing so for reasons other than the buzz you’re getting from them!

    Phil Dietz
    sociology senior

    ASUA aims to make state elections priority

    As ASUA president, I have made the 2006 state elections a significant priority for our student government this year. My staff and I have put together a 2 1/2-month-long campaign titled UA Votes 2006 that consists of a variety of voter registration events, debates, early polling stations and candidate meet-and-greets. As mentioned in a letter to the editor yesterday, we are also putting together a Voter Block Party complete with a major headliner concert on Oct. 6. Unfortunately this event faced some criticism for a few misconceptions that I would like to take the time to address. For starters, despite any rumors, ASUA is not using the Rock the Vote organization to put together this event. Instead, we have created our own event, and the main concert performance is merely an attraction to get students and community members together at one location to promote voter registration, voter education and actual voter participation. The actual talent will not be the ones promoting civic engagement, but rather that will be up to the leaders who host the event. Furthermore, I would like to point out that this event has much more substance than a single performance. The entire event will take place on Main Gate Square, where students and other registered voters can enjoy many retail and restaurant discounts. Candidates and their campaigns will grace the stages to give short speeches and walk around to meet the attendees. We will also feature a few key speakers, as well as a variety of student performances. ASUA will work to educate the voters through a distribution of voter guides that offer brief introductions for each candidate. The entire event is dedicated to promoting the importance of these state elections. We hope to engage the student who does not typically get involved in politics as well as reward those who always do with this event. We will do all of this in an unbiased and nonpartisan manner. If any student of any political affiliation has questions or concerns regarding ASUA’s involvement in this year’s election, feel free to come to our political mixer tonight from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the ASUA office.

    Erin Hertzog
    journalism senior, ASUA president

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