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    Appropriate for Wildcat to cover Christian holidays

    This is in response to the previous letter writers re: the lack of attention given to non-Christian holidays in the Arizona Daily Wildcat. The reality is that most people in this country – and yes, even in Tucson – are Christians of one denomination or another. The Wildcat has a responsibility to appeal to its readership, and won’t accomplish this by giving into the politically correct “”equality”” that you’ve written about. Giving equal newspaper space to Christmas and Kwanzaa would be like giving the La Salle and Hofstra men’s basketball teams the same attention as Arizona’s. So until the United States is not a Christian-dominated nation, please find something more constructive to complain about.

    Shane Dale
    UA alumnus

    ‘Real men’ should ostracize wife-beaters

    While I appreciate the intent of Mike Morefield’s column yesterday regarding men’s roles in preventing domestic violence, I believe that a few of his views need a bit of illumination.

    First off, while statistics show that approximately one in three women will experience some form of abuse from a spouse or boyfriend in their lifetimes, this in no way translates into one in three men being abusers. Think about it: It only takes one dirtbag beating on every wife or girlfriend he has ever had to negate the proper behavior of a half-dozen real men. That’s right, real men.

    Personally, I don’t have any “”friends”” who abuse their wives or girlfriends, and lowlifes who do are definitely not my peers. Anyone who thinks that “”slapping a bitch around”” is a manly thing to do has no idea what being a man is and should never, ever have the term applied to him.

    I make these comments not to defend men, but to help women. I don’t want any young woman thinking the best she can get is some guy who hits her. I agree wholeheartedly with Morefield that men need to take a more active role in preventing violence against women, but the way we do that is by helping them leave their abusers and supporting legislation that puts chronic abusers behind bars for a very long time.

    Of course the emotionally weak assholes who are “”showing their women who’s boss”” can help too. Go to your local pawn shop, buy a gun, load it and shoot yourself in the head. If you can’t do that, then at least shoot off your balls, because you’ll never be a man.

    Christopher Davis
    Tucson resident

    LifeSharers philosophy motivated by selfishness

    In response to the recent discussion on organ donation, I would like to make the UA community aware that our organization, Students for Organ Donation, does not share the values of LifeSharers. We do encourage discussion around the issue of donation, but we hope that as a donor you are choosing to sign up to give life as a gift to someone in need and that this decision is an informed and educated one. The choice to give life as an organ donor should be based off pure selflessness, not selfishness, as LifeSharers promotes.

    Our organization’s motto is “”Endorse, Educate, Encourage donation.”” Only through these actions and the education of the general public on the process of donation can we hope to achieve unification and increased donation. Promotion of withholding organs from individuals who are not registered simply promotes division and does nothing to increase the number of donors because it fails at the root of the problem: miseducation. What a pity to think life-giving organs would go to waste because someone was never educated on the topic. A lot of myths exist around donation and prevent many from registering. Thus, the only way to increase the donor rate in this nation is to educate. True, some people will not register, but depriving them of life is not an answer. Signing up to register is about giving the gift of life and those who are most fortunate will be blessed by your gift. Having a “”fair share”” of an organ pool is no longer considered “”gift”” giving. Visit for more information on registering or joining us to help register donors to selflessly give life.

    Amina Shonka
    UA alumna

    McClellan’s resignation a shame

    I think I speak for all Americans when I say we lost a true great yesterday. Scott McClellan, the voice of the White House, resigned yesterday due to intense pressure from critics and members of the Republican leadership. I, for one, find it so sad that the world seems so scared of talented and wonderful people like McClellan. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss McClellan telling that liberal dove Helen Thomas where to stick it. Thomas has proved herself an enemy of freedom and liberty, so I think we should applaud the work of McClellan in trying to rid the White House press corps of such a dangerous threat. I also think McClellan dealt with David Sanger quite well. I loved seeing the look of shock on Sanger’s face every time McClellan called him a fascist and a communist at the same time. As if you don’t know what he means, David! So, I hope the entire UA community will join with me in showing our appreciation for the job McClellan has done. Maybe we could start a charity to help fund his retirement or have an official Scott McClellan Day. Sept. 11 seems like as good a day as any, doesn’t it?

    Ove Mard
    UA alumnus

    Cruel jokes a form of domestic violence

    I am writing in response to Mike Morefield’s column concerning domestic violence. I agree that men should get more involved in the fight against domestic violence. It is a horrible situation that plagues our society every day. Unfortunately, I believe we live in a society that, in some respects, considers domestic violence acceptable. We will let our friends speak poorly of the opposite sex and crack jokes about beating someone or rape. The majority of the time these actions go unpunished. Without taking a stand against cruel jokes, we can only expect people to continue acting as such, which will lead to greater acts of domestic violence. In my opinion, who cares if you speak out against your friends’ words or actions? Because if you don’t, you are just as bad as they are.

    Anna Beckett
    undeclared freshman

    Wildcat misses 4/20 point

    Wow. Under current leadership, the Arizona Daily Wildcat has gone from simply boring to utterly inane. Yesterday’s “”Profs, police in dark about 4/20 holiday,”” shows not only a pitiful lack of news judgment but also an inability to even discern what’s interesting.

    Did anyone bother to ask, “”What’s the news in this story?”” Or is it thrilling enough to learn that drug users plan to use drugs today, like they did yesterday and will tomorrow and the next day and the next. That’s some real old-fashioned news reporting. Perhaps the subhead could have told how potheads plan to add an extra hour to their daily regimens of Xbox, just to celebrate the “”holiday.””

    The closest thing to news might be that your reporter found two knuckleheads happy to identify themselves as drug users and inform all who want to know when and where they plan to break the law next.

    Perhaps to augment such earth-shattering revelations, reporter Ross Hager could have sought out something more quote-worthy. How about finding a study that examines the long-term health effects of habitual marijuana use, the correlation between years of pot smoking and schizophrenic disorders or that a felony drug conviction makes you ineligible for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (read the application)? This stuff isn’t brain surgery, but then, in the Wildcat’s hands, it’s not exactly journalism either.

    Patrick McNamara
    journalism senior

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