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Police Beat: April 13, 2015

“Look out!”

On March 26, a University of Arizona Police Department officer received a report about a collision on campus near Palm Drive and Second Street between a skateboarding UA student and a CatTran at 3:46 p.m.

The officer asked the student if he was injured or needed medical attention. The man said his lower back was sore and felt strained, but he was going to “wait another day to see if it gets better.”

The student said he was riding his skateboard in the bike lane on Second Street, and as he rode by Palm Avenue, the CatTran was trying to turn right. He didn’t have enough time to stop or slow down and ended up putting his arms out, which hit the left front side of the bus. The student couldn’t turn his skateboard in another direction, because he didn’t want to cross the streetcar tracks. When he “ran out” from his skateboard, it prevented him from crashing into the ground.

The CatTran driver said, “Sorry I didn’t see you.”

The student couldn’t get the bus’ license plate number or any other information from him, because he drove away while the student was trying to get his skateboard.

The student said he remembers slowing down at the intersection when seeing the CatTran driving toward the stop sign. He thought the driver saw him, so he “gave another push” on the skateboard and increased his speed.

The driver told his supervisor that he had not seen a skateboarder crossing the intersection when trying to make a right-hand turn. The officer contacted the driver, who described the intersection as being crowded with a lot of pedestrians. He said he waited a while at the intersection for people to cross, but they eventually stopped and let him turn. As the bus started to move, a person yelled, “Look out!” and he stopped as fast as he could.

The driver saw that a man with a light colored shirt and light brown hair had run into the driver’s side front corner but did not see a skateboard. He then claimed the man went toward the back of the bus, and he didn’t know where the person went, so he just continued his route onto Second Street. The driver and the student had no other details to provide or questions during this time.

Mobile smoke shop

A 2000 gold Chevrolet Impala was stopped by a UAPD officer in the alley near the Esquire Apartments on March 22 at 9:06 p.m. The non-UA-affiliated driver’s vehicle smelled of marijuana.

The officer asked him if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, and he said, “Not that I know of.”

When other officers arrived on the scene, he admitted to using marijuana and smoking it in the vehicle at some point. The driver told one of the officers that a pipe was located in the vehicle behind the passenger seat. The search turned up a blue pipe, an orange pipe and glass jar with marijuana odor in the center console of the vehicle, and a small jar of marijuana in the rear pocket of the passenger seat.

Marijuana leaves and stems were also covering the front driver’s seat and the center console. He admitted that all the items belonged to him but forgot he had the orange pipe; he said he thought he left the jars at home. The man said he was a regular marijuana smoker.

The man was cited and released for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. All the items were put into UAPD Property and Evidence.

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