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    See if these ideas make the grade

    Pass: There’s no business like rankings business

    The Eller College of Management rarely passes up a chance to brag, but at least this time it’s certain they deserve it. After going unranked for two of the last three years, the Eller MBA program was recently ranked 34th in the country by Financial Times. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially if you go by the adage “”You are the company you keep””: Eller’s new ranking puts them in the league of such prestigious institutions as Georgetown University, Cornell University and the University of California at Berkeley. For winning such prestigious accolades, the Eller MBA program gets a Pass.

    Pass: And the Oscar goes to…

    Pop quiz: What famous Hollywood personalities have graduated from the UA? Well, there’s comedian Garry Shandling, of course. And we can’t forget the king of blockbusters, Jerry Bruckheimer (the man behind such big-budget hits as “”Pirates of the Caribbean”” and “”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation””). Now, the UA can add to the list Ari Sandel, a UA media arts alumnus whose short film, “”West Bank Story,”” was recently nominated for an Academy Award. For putting the UA on the (Hollywood) map, Ari Sandel gets a Pass.

    Fail: Luuute! Show the taaape!

    Lute Olson is something of a deity here in the Old Pueblo, respected as much for his charitable demeanor as for his coaching acumen. But with the No. 20 Wildcats threatening to slide into anonymity, UA fans are beginning to grumble. And rightfully so: After the devastating 92-64 loss to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Olson decided that the team wouldn’t review the tapes, apparently thinking that it’s better to forget than to forgive. But if there’s no crying in baseball, there certainly shouldn’t be denial in basketball, and these whimpering Cats should take a good, hard look at the tapes before they finish out conference play. In the meantime, for thinking that the most embarrassing game of his career will just go away, Coach Olson gets a Fail.

    Pass: Respectful remembrance

    Let’s face it: College students are busy, and it’s not often that we’re forced to slow down and come to terms with our nation’s sacrifices. On Tuesday, though, UA students were faced with 3,097 flags perched atop Heritage Hill of the Alumni Plaza, a stark tribute to the U.S. soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. Sponsored by the University of Arizona Democrats, the event was perhaps most notable for what it was not (a loud, polarizing demonstration that drove students away) rather than for what it was (a somber, rain-soaked affair accompanied by little fanfare). For reminding us of our country’s losses in a respectful way, the UAYD’s memorial display gets a grateful Pass.

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