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    ‘Old School,’ Sun Devil-style

    In an effort to boost their graduation rates, Arizona State University and other colleges have started recruiting an unlikely group – dropouts. Advocates say that programs like ASU’s “”Life Happens”” helps to graduate more students, while critics contend that resources should be focused elsewhere. Are these dropout recruitment campaigns a good idea?

    I’m confused. ASU wants more students to graduate, so they’re focusing on those who have already dropped out? Life happens – sometimes students have to drop out. If I were a Sun Devil I would have dropped out, too. But the university should be working to help their current students rather than using all of their resources for returning students. ASU’s program provides returning students with advisers to help with classes and financial aid. Wow, what a concept … advisers. I’ve got a crazy idea: provide advisors to students in round one. Solve the problem. Don’t just keep picking up the pieces.

    – Chelsea Jo Simpson is a journalism sophomore.

    It’s not often that I’m willing to give ASU credit for anything, but this new program makes sense. From a business standpoint, bringing in more students fattens the bottom line, regardless of whether they’re dropouts or regular students. And as far as academics go, it’s not unreasonable to say that former dropouts might be more motivated to graduate the second time around. Besides, traditional undergrads could stand to receive a much-needed dose of wisdom from these “”nontraditional”” scholars.

    – Damion LeeNatali is a senior majoring in political science and history.

    Britney in a box?

    Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he called his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears after she checked into rehab in February. Timberlake reported that he called her because he was worried about her. This has caused speculation about the possibility of the two pop stars rekindling their romance. Should Timberlake and Spears try it again? Or should we even care about the romantic trysts of two overexposed stars?

    Let me preface this with: I am the biggest Justin Timberlake fan there is. I even had a Justin wall in my room during high school. So it comes as no surprise that my opinion is that Timberlake and Spears should definitely not get back together. Not only would Spears ruin the talented and oh-so-handsome Timberlake; it would also prevent us mere mortals from getting an opportunity to woo the recently single Timberlake. Timberlake would just find himself crying another river if he rekindled his romance with Spears.

    – Jessica Wertz is a senior majoring in psychology and family studies and human development.

    Sure it’s clichǸd to say at this point, but I really do think we have more important things to worry about than silly celebrity romances. For instance, why the heck is Madonna working with Timbaland on her new album? Has Madge finally gone mad? And why does David Beckham sound like Kermit the Frog? It’s incredibly unfortunate that someone that hot is rendered undesirable every time he speaks. But most importantly, is Alanis Morissette’s “”My Humps”” spoof the greatest thing ever created by a Canadian? I’d say it’s quite possible. Honestly folks, let’s give these serious issues some attention, too.

    – Jared Pflum is a religious studies senior.

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