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    DW editors want you to survive Finals Week

    Best study spots

    1. Gould-Simpson Building

    The study room on the ninth floor is always a quite spot to isolate yourself from distractions.

    2. Caffe Luce

    Caffe Luce has a relaxed atmosphere and smells heavenly. With caffeine at an arm’s reach, these seats are worth racing other students for.

    3. The Scented Leaf

    Like Caffe Luce, The Scented Leaf is great for its laid-back interior. The employees are knowledgeable and happy to help you find the right tea to fit your needs.

    4. UA Main Library

    Sometimes you can’t beat the classic. Although the library can be pretty hectic during finals week, watching other students study harder than you can be motivation enough to help you get through that extra chapter.

    5. Science-Engineering Library

    This one’s just like the Main Library, but smaller. All students are welcome here despite its name and you may have a better shot at finding an open seat.

    6. Student Union Memorial Center

    Head up the stairs to the third floor and you’ll be pleased to find study rooms that are usually barren. The patios are also a nice escape if you like to study outdoors.

    7. Highland Bowl 

    Just outside the Campus Health Service building, the large grassy area called the “bowl” is great for reclining and spreading out your materials.

    8. Center for Creative Photography

    Yet another hideaway. The CCP has comfortable chairs and beautiful photographs to distract you if you need a break.

    — Compiled by Jessie Webster


    Tom Price — Photo Editor

    “Laminate your notes so that they don’t smear from your tears.”

    Meghan Fernandez — Production Managing Editor

    “To be honest, I’m a senior and still don’t know how to study. Lots of coffee and lots of crying.”

    Nick Havey — Opinions Editor

    “If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a nap. You’ll still feel overwhelmed but you’ll be slightly more well-rested.”

    Brenna Bailey — Digital Arts Editor

    “Pro-tip: Lock yourself in a library study room with nothing but your exam materials and three Red Bulls. Don’t leave until you’ve mastered everything—even if it takes a couple mental breakdowns.”

    Annie Dickman — Design Chief

    “Make flash cards! You can use printer paper to make a bunch of them—instead of buying index cards—which is a lot cheaper. My favorite part is that you can throw them away as you memorize them, so that right before the test starts you only have a few select things left.”

    Jessie Webster — Editor-in-Chief

    “Break up your large tasks, like that 10-page research paper, into smaller, more achievable bits and schedule them over multiple days. It is very daunting to write a whole paper in one sitting but very manageble to perfect an introductory paragraph in an hour.”

    Alex Guyton — Production Arts Editor
    “Spread studying over the two to three days leading up to the test.”

    Pearl Lam — Science Reporter
    “Sleep on the facts, especially while cramming, to improve memory. On that note, sleep for at least 30 minutes before a test if you just crammed.”

    Natalie Robbins — Science Reporter

    “To study for finals, I like to get an individual study room and study by myself for as long as I can. Then I will take some time off to sit in my room and watch a baking show or listen to some music for a while.”

    Patrick O’Connor — Science Editor

    “Make and re-draw diagrams until you understand [the] relationship[s] between topics, and use flash cards to make mock test questions. Also, don’t fall asleep on your lab couch when you’re pulling an all-nighter for an 8 a.m. endocrine test.”

    Victoria Teplitz — Arts Reporter

    “Find an animal and cuddle it ‘til you feel better. The best study groups are fluffy! Don’t have any furry friends? No worries, attend Coffee and a Cuddle on the Mall on Tuesday!”

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