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    Police Beat: Mar. 23

    No use crying over spilt Facebook

    Two non-UA affiliated people were ejected from the Manuel E. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center for being too loud on March 20.

    Another non-UA affiliated woman, using a computer in the ILC, reported feeling threatened to University of Arizona Police Department at 6:26 p.m.

    A woman sitting next to her became extremely argumentative with her because the woman thought that she had reported her to the library staff.

    However, an unknown library patron had reported the woman for being loud and disruptive.

    The woman then began crying and yelling at a man in the library about being contacted on Facebook.

    After the woman’s outburst, staff came and asked her to quiet down.

    She then leaned over to the reporting party, quietly called her a “”snitch”” and began crying again.

    The officer spoke with a library manager, who was aware of previous violations by the woman.

    The manager requested that both parties be issued an exclusionary order due to repeated disruptive behavior.

    UAPD dispatch confirmed that the woman had been previously involved in five incidents at the UA over the last nine months.

    The officer issued a six-month exclusionary order to the crying woman and warned the man for criminal trespassing.

    The two left the area on foot without incident.

    Sexual assault reported to UAPD

    A non-UA affiliated woman’s mother reported a possible sexual assault to UAPD on March 19.

    A UAPD officer reported to the woman’s house at 4:30 a.m. and made contact with the mother and daughter.

    The daughter said she was down at Main Gate Square partying with some friends.

    After leaving the area, she said that she began walking to Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage.

    She stopped at what the officer believed to be the Women’s Plaza of Honor and sat down to look for her car keys.

    As she was looking for the keys, an unknown male in a dark-hooded sweatshirt came up to her and put his finger in her vagina.

    The officer then checked to make sure she was not injured or in need of medical attention and left the home.

    Slanderous graffiti found all over fraternity houses

    Vulgar graffiti was found spray painted on the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house and other locations on March 20.

    The chapter adviser of the fraternity contacted UAPD and met with a uniformed officer at the house at 1:37 p.m.

    In green and gold paint, the words “”Delta Tau Delta sucks”” were written on the outer wall of the house.

    Also, a large penis was painted on the side of the building and on a vehicle parked at the house.

    A police aide, who was told to check other fraternities and sororities in the area, found even more graffiti at Delta Chi fraternity house.

    The same shade of green and gold spray paint was found on the wall near the main entrance of Delta Chi.

    The officer went over and contacted a member of the fraternity and observed graffiti that read, “”Delta Tau Delta, FIJI, and Delta Chi sucks penis.””

    Additionally, the aide observed more of the same spray paint in the pedestrian underpass adjacent to the Delta Chi fraternity house.

    All of the graffiti was photographed and placed into UAPD evidence.

    There were no suspects or other evidence found.

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