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    Fast Facts

    Homosexual behavior is exhibited in some form in 450 animal species.

    The average American throws out 4.6 pounds of garbage a day.

    A study of one Massachusetts community showed that people threw away a total of $8,000 a day.

    There are 43 quintillion incorrect alignments for a Rubik’s Cube.

    There are no windows or clocks in casinos.

    The Berlin Wall was 26.5 miles long.

    At any given moment, about half the Earth is covered by clouds.

    Only 33 percent of patients admitted to emergency rooms for heart attacks have actually had one.

    Dartmouth was the last Ivy League college to go coed. It held out until 1972.

    The game Monopoly is banned in China, North Korea and Cuba.

    There are more telephones than people in Washington, D.C.

    Men without hair on their chest are more likely to get cirrhosis of the liver than men with hair.

    In 1898, all cheerleaders were male; today 3 percent are.

    The original idea for steak knives derived from shark teeth.

    There are 412 doors in the White House.

    Herbert Hoover never accepted his presidential salary. He turned it over to charity instead.

    Coca-Cola was originally green.

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