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    Who What Wear: Life’s too short to not try out a pastel hair color

    The new norm for hair color is that there isn’t any norm, according to the array of pastel-dyed mops spotted around campus. 

    Pastel hair has been a quirky, unique trend for a while now. Students are going pink, purple, blue, green — all the colors of the rainbow. The following UA students gave us the DL on what it’s like getting, having and keeping up temporary and permanent pastel locks. 

    Laura Berkey, education sophomore

    What inspired you to dye your hair pastel?

    “Being in college, I figured it was one of the times in my life where I am able to experiment with piercings and different hair colors that I am going to be limited on when I am looking for a job. My major is elementary education, so it is not something I would be able to do once I am working in a classroom.”

    Is this your first time dying your hair a pastel color?

    “I have done a lot of colors on my ends in the past. I have done different shades of purple, pink, red and blue. So I think I am going to keep it purple — it’s my favorite color I have had so far.”

    Is the pastel hair look something you are going to continue for a while?

    “I think I am going to keep it for a while.”

    Is it a long process to dye your hair?

    “It is a time commitment dying it because I have to bleach it and tone it. Then I can dye it the pastel color of my choice.”

    How long does it last?

    “It only lasts a few weeks before I feel like I need to redo it.”

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    Sarah Oliver, undeclared freshman

    What made you decide to dye your hair a pastel color?

    “I wanted to try something different when I switched from red to blue. I originally dyed my hair red because I always liked red hair. So I decided I would like to try blue.”

    Do you dye your hair yourself?

    “Yes, I do it at home.”

    What product do you use to dye it?

    “I have dyed my hair blue twice now and the first time I used Manic Panic and it did not work as well. This time I used Arctic Fox and it faded a lot less than the first time.”

    How much does it typically cost?

    “It is anywhere from $7 to $8, and I usually only do it every few months.”

    Is your hair color permanent or temporary?

    “Most crazy colors like blue and purple don’t really have the option for permanent. Normally, the dye kind of sits on top of your hair instead of actually going into it.”

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    Jaime Kennedy, pre-business freshman

    What inspired you to dye your hair a pastel color?

    “I have always liked the idea of having fun-colored hair. When I was in kindergarten, I had purple bangs for like a week. Then I did it again in seventh grade, but I didn’t do my full head because I was scared and stuck more with temporary dyes. This year I just decided to take the plunge and dye all of it.”

    Do you dye your hair yourself?

    “The majority of the time I have done it myself. There has been one or two times when I have had my beauty school friends do it.”

    Will you continue you to dye your hair?

    “I always let the color fade and then dye it a different color. I plan on doing that for a little while. Right now, I am letting my natural hair color grow out and once it gets long enough, I will stop — until then, I am going to keep doing it.”

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