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    A new season of the Wildcat

    Nicole Santa Cruzeditor in chief
    Nicole Santa Cruz
    editor in chief

    Editor’s Note

    Some say this is the most interesting time of the year in Tucson.

    More movement, fewer locals, more students and faculty filling up the streets, supermarkets, and – as of today – classrooms. As I watch the streets, campus and even our very own newsroom become more populated, there is a knot in my stomach.

    This knot, which began forming long before students started arriving on campus, is not because I ate something bad, or because I’m sick; it’s because today marks the beginning of a new Arizona Daily Wildcat.

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous and I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the new faces, names, events and trends to cover on campus this year.

    Some of you may have never picked up a Wildcat; some of you may be avid readers. Whoever you are, we have spent endless nights planning what we can do for you.

    News is not like medicine; you don’t want it shoved down your throat. You read it because you want to – and we want you to choose the Wildcat as your first source of on- and off-campus news. We know that reading a newspaper doesn’t guarantee genius or even the status of an informed citizen overnight, but hey, it’s one step closer. And if you know what’s going on around you, you’re that much more able to change what you may not agree with.

    This is why we are committed to bringing you the highest quality of news on and around the UA campus.

    Whether it’s the news of what our new president, Robert Shelton, is up to, or the latest on the medical school expansion in Phoenix, or even where to go to hear the hottest new local band, we’ve got you covered.

    We are here to inform, entertain and engage you. Sometimes, we’ll probably even push your buttons. Whether you’re an alum, one of the 37,000 students on campus or one of the amazing faculty who students get to learn from, we want you to read the paper.

    One of the biggest problems for any editor is responding to declines in readership. Studies show that now, more than ever before, the college age group is not reading newspapers. We want to fix that. From comics to news to catching and commenting on the best football plays of the season, we work day in and day out, living, breathing and sometimes even coughing up what you should know.

    If you look around, you’ll see minor tweaks in our design and a whole new page two tailored to catch your eye. On our front page, our “”Top three things to know today”” will give you direct access to the information most likely to affect your day. Our sports section is introducing a rotating feature called “”CatScratch”” that can be found on the second page of sports (page 22). We will also be unveiling a brand-new Web site and introducing our independent blog, titled WildBlog – a forum for you to jump into cyberspace and discuss what matters to you.

    Donald Graham, chairman of The Washington Post, once said that journalism is the first rough draft of history.

    We want to write that draft, and we want you to be a part of it.

    We’re living, breathing and finding the news. Join us in our pursuit.

    Nicole Santa Cruz is journalism senior. She can be reached at

    *On a personal note, I would like to assure all readers that despite my June 10 arrest for allegations of driving under the influence, the Wildcat will remain unaffected by my legal situation. Decision-making regarding alcohol-related coverage will be the responsibility of Natasha Bhuyan for news, Lori Foley for opinions/letters and Holly Brauchli for advertising.

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