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    Police Beat: Feb. 5

    No lie: alcohol is a depressant in ILC after hours

    On Tuesday at 1:33 a.m., in response to an unwanted man in the building, a University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center.

    The officer made contact with a man sleeping at one of the desk computers with a 44-ounce Circle K styrofoam cup.

    The officer could smell alcohol on the man’s breath and from the cup. The man admitted to drinking beer from the cup in the library.

    After a UA employee at the library said she asked the man to leave several times and advised him that students were not to be in the library after 1 a.m., he refused and continued to sleep.

    The officer escorted the man off library property and cited him for second degree trespassing. The man was also advised not to be on UA property unless he was given specific permission.


    HPV: holler pharmaceutical vulgarities

    On Tuesday at 10:55 a.m., in reference to an unwanted man on the property, a UAPD officer responded to the Comstock House medical facility at 1541 N. Warren Ave.

    A UofA employee told the officer that a patient was causing a disturbance in the building by demanding medication and yelling at staff members.

    The man said he was unemployed and suffered from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). He also stated that he was under the care of Comstock staff but had been refused medical care for the past four months.

    The officer reported that, during his conversation with the man, he was told, “”I am a human, I am not a dog, and, therefore, I should be given medication.””

    After the man was told to make contact with his medical agency in Phoenix about payment for his medication, he demanded to be given a ride to the UAPD station and requested the case number and the name and badge number of the officer. The man was then told to leave the area and was advised he would be arrested if he returned to Comstock.

    When the man left the property, the officer continued to talk with the woman about the incident.

    The employee told the officer that he was ineligible for the medication he was requesting because he was unemployed and had no proof of income, both of which are required by the agency paying for the medication.

    The employee also stated that the man had been yelling at her for his medicine, told her boss to “”shut up”” and was causing an “”embarrassing and frightening scene.””

    The officer flagged the man for trespassing, and the woman left work early because of the incident.

    Sock thief didn’t have cold feet

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the UA Bookstore at 1209 E. University Blvd in reference to a shoplifter in custody on Tuesday at 1:50 p.m.

    The man was a student identified by a California driver’s license and was being held by a loss prevention officer.

    The UAPD officer read the man his rights and questioned him about the incident. The man stated he had been stupid and took a pair of UA socks and, after he stuffed them into his pocket, left the building without paying.

    The man claimed he had the money to pay for the socks and did not intend on stealing anything when he first entered the bookstore.

    Video surveillance of the incident and a receipt showing the price of the stolen socks were placed into property as evidence.

    The man was cited and released for shoplifting.

    One bag of chips and a stalker later

    In reference to threats she had been receiving, a UAPD officer met with a UA student-employee on Tuesday at 5:49 p.m. at the UAPD main station.

    The student said the first incident with the woman, which she claimed was harassment, occurred on Jan. 17 at 11 p.m. at Highland Market, while the student was working as a temporary cashier.

    She said the woman brought her a bag of chips whichshe found on the 99-cent rack, and, when the chips were rung up at $2.79, the woman started to create a scene and back up the line.

    The woman began yelling at the cashier, “”You’re a fucking bitch … you can’t make me get out of line, scan it, scan it, scan it.””

    The manager then spoke with the woman, and the woman ended up buying the chips for $2.79 and left the store.

    On Jan. 23, the student was working for Parking and Transportation Services as a lot attendant for the men’s basketball game, and she again saw the woman who had caused the scene at Highland Market.

    The woman drove by the student in a maroon pick-up truck and told her “”I’m going to get you”” and then drove off.

    Once again, on Sunday, the student saw the woman while working for PTS as a lot attendant in a different parking lot.

    The woman parked her car, straddling the lane divider on Fourth Street and began to yell at the student, “”You’re a fucking bitch … you’re fucking rude, you have to tell me what basketball it is, go ahead and call, you can’t do anything.””

    She said she thought the incidents were isolated occurrences but now believes they may continue because she thinks the woman knows when and where she works.

    The officer advised the student to call UAPD if she ever sees the woman again.


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